SWIM 20K, 35K, or 50K in DECEMBER !!!


The beginning of a new month and the end of the year is among us!  

Let’s prepare to start the new year with a challenge that will promote commitment, dedication and teamwork during this holiday season to make 2019 start off the best we can, together!

So what’s the challenge?  Set a goal and make a commitment to swim 20k, 35k or 50k (meters or yards) in the month of December. 

What does that look like?  
- Swim approximately 1700 mtrs/yds per day 3 times a week for the 20k challenge.
- Swim 3000 mtrs/yds per day 3 times a week for the 35k challenge.
- Swim a little over 3100 mtrs/yds per day 4 times per week for the 50k challenge.  

What are the benefits?  
You will feel better eating whatever you want this holiday season.  You will start the new year off feeling like you’ve already accomplished something.  You will also notice how much you want to get to practice on time to take advantage of the easy yards of warm up and to fully warm down.  

How to track?
Let your coaches know what you’re doing and how they can help.  You keep track of it yourselves and encourage each other during this time.  Consider using the USMS Fitness Log (FLOG) to track your swims online.  Here’s the link.   https://www.usms.org/events/fitness-events/go-the-distance

After a month of using the FLOG, you may be motivated to track your swims for a full year and participate in the 2019 USMS Go The Distance Fitness event.   How far do you swim in a year?!!!

Need an extra little challenge but don’t think you can do 15,000 more?  Challenge yourself to swim meters vs yards!

Thanks to Coach Andrew for this great suggestion shared from our swim coaching buddy, Mike Jotautas, in Louisville, KY. 

Take the Challenge!  Make a plan!  Just do it!  Have fun with it!  You’ll be glad you did! Wahoo!

~ Coach Linda