You will need your Login Name & Password for your member account with Palm Beach Masters.  

We use Club Assistant to manage our team database and website.  Note: Your login name & pw was established when you joined Palm Beach Masters.  New Members will receive it in an email when they JOIN and REGISTER AS A NEW MEMBER on Your login name is the same as your email address, but before the @ sign.   You can always ask the system to resend you a link to reset your PW.  

There are a number of ways to access the system to Reserve Workouts.  

1.)  The easiest may be to click our club login link … which was also included in the email mentioned above …

2.)  Enter your Login Name & Password

3.)  Click on EVENTS in the header list.  This brings you to the Event List of workouts.

4.)  Click on REGISTER NOW beside the first workout you plan to swim at this week.  Confirm the workout is for your correct Date, Time, and Location.  The workouts are listed chronological order.

5.)   Review the Details page and scroll to the bottom on the page and hit SUBMIT under your login name & password (you may or may not have to reenter your login credentials).

6.)  Click on Proceed to Checkout => at the bottom of the Fees page.  (There is no promo code there is no fee.)

7.)  Click on Submit at the bottom of the Payment page.  (No Notes / Comments /Questions? are needed.)

8.)  Review the Registration Confirmation page to ensure you selected the correct workout.

That’s it!  You will also get an email registration confirmation.

Now repeat those steps for each workout you want to sign up for!  You must go through those entire steps one at a time for each workout.  The system will not allow you to sign up for the same workout twice.

You can start this process above from several places. 

You can Return to Palm Beach Masters homepage and click on RESERVE A WORKOUT, written in white in the teal menu header section of the top of our homepage.  This will take you to Step 3 above.  Continue from there.

From the CALENDAR, you can click on the workout you want to reserve.  Then click on the Reservation Page link in the Details box of the workout.  This will take you to Step 5 above.  Continue from there.