Nov 17, 2017:
Check out today's exciting, official, big announcement! ...

Palm Beach Masters is now a Swim Smooth squad!  Wahoo!

As many of you know ... in January 2017, I traveled across the globe to Perth, Australia to learn from Paul Newsome, the master-mind behind Swim Smooth and world expert at swimming video analysis and stroke correction. After 12 months of intensive study, I am excited to bring Swim Smooth to our swimmers & triathletes in South Florida as a Swim Smooth Certified Coach ... just 1 of 7 Swim Smooth certified coaches in the US and 1 of 30+ across the world!

Who is Swim Smooth...
Swim Smooth is the world's leading authority in adult swim coaching!   We fundamentally believe that every swimmer is an individual and should be treated as such. Swim Smooth's Swim Types coaching system recognizes that we are all built differently, that we come from a wide range of swimming backgrounds and experiences and even varied learning styles too. 

The International Triathlon Union (ITU) garnered Swim Smooth's services to re-write their entire swim coaching program for swimmers and triathletes just like you in 119 countries all around the world - pretty cool!  

So not only is Palm Beach Masters the USMS Club of the Year and best club for competitive masters swimmers ... we are now recognized as providing the best technique & training for our distance freestylers, triathletes, open water swimmers, and adults learning to swim!  Wahoo!

Watch for some exciting new training concepts coming to your Wahoo workout soon!

~ Coach Linda


P.S.  Swim Smooth Palm Beach premium services will be offered for those requiring extra special attention to their swim stroke technique.  Ask Coach Linda for a special discount code for our PBM Wahoo swimmers to use when booking a: 
   - Swim Smooth Stroke Clinic 
   - 1-2-1 Video Analysis & Stroke Correction Session 
   - Adult Learn to Swim Lesson
   - Private Lesson