Wahoo Newsletter Apr 29, 2020


Hey Team Wahoo!

First off I hope everyone is doing well and is healthy!

Update on Palm Beach County Pool Re-openings  


Earlier this week, PBC Mayor Kerner stated that as of today Palm Beach County will reopen access to boating and marine recreation, golf courses, parks, tennis courts and community pools with restrictions.  

Unfortunately, the words "community pools" are referring to neighborhood pools or HOA pools, not our Palm Beach County owned public Aquatic Centers. 

Here is the entire PBC Emergency Order #5 for you to read.  

My understanding is that we are still a couple weeks away before re-opening our facilities for organized team sports and masters swim programming.

However, it is possible that the County could re-open for lap swimming at reduced capacity in the very near future.  

As soon as I hear anything definite, I will let you know immediately.


Swim Training To Do At Home 

More TETHERED SWIMMING WORKOUTS - Here are 2 more swim workouts for your small backyard or community pool.

The following is a kick session.

Pool Stretch Cord 5
Verticle Kicking

Use a mirror on the bottom of the pool to assist with self correction technique.

Pool Stretch Cord 6
Pool Stretch Cord 6

What you can do today to help strengthen you for tomorrow.

Our website PalmBeachMasters.org LINKS webpage has many websites and resources, mentioned in our last newsletter, for dryland exercises and online educational & informational resourses for swimmers.  

Join us online.

Stay connected with your Wahoo Family!

Our Wahoo ZOOM meetings have been so much fun! It's so great to see and hear everyone!  Join us this week!

Fridays at 5:30pm EST 

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Wahoo Weigh-In  
 ... The Quarantine Cut!

Who wants to use this time to lose some weight and improve your health and nutrition program? 

Join us on ZOOM on Monday & Thursday nights at 6:30pm EST.  Let's support each other and share tips on eating healthy and exercising during quarantine.


   Meeting ID: 561 373 1440


And lastly, IF anyone needs anything during this time, please reach out and let us know.  Your swim coaches and teammates would love to help you.  Many are involved with local organizations who are helping those impacted by COVID-19.  

Love & miss you all!


~ Coach Linda