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Dryland & Fitness Training to do AT HOME:

U.S. MASTERS SWIMMING COVID-19 Member Resources - Numerous workouts and resources to assist the swimmers during the pandemic are available on the USMS website including: Resistance band workouts"How to get through the loss of swimming", and  "Coronavirus and Swimming: What you need to know"

Bo Hickey is providing dryland workouts on Mondays and Thursdays to help keep you moving at home.

USA TRIATHLON DRYLAND STRETCH CORD WORKOUTS - Stretch cord workouts designed to help keep swim specific strength and conditioning during the shut-down.

SWIMSWAM AT HOME SWIM TRAINING - Various dryland workouts available that are designed for swimmers.

SWIMOUTLET LIVE WORKOUTS - Participate in live workouts every day at 1 pm EST on Swimoutlet's Instagram page. Workouts are designed for swimmers.

MYSWIMPRO DRYLAND- MySwimPro offers swimming-specific dryland workouts to get stronger, including "How Swimmers Can Work Out Without a Pool" and Virtual Dryland Bootcamps every Sunday at 10am ET live on InstagramFacebook, & YouTube .

STABILITY BALL EXERCISES - "Having a Ball in 2020 w USMS 2008 Coach of the Year Susan Ingraham". Susan has made a series of stability ball exercises.  Each one is only 10 minutes, so the perfect addition to your current dry land workout.  Add one stroke into your daily routine for variety, so your body doesn't forget how to swim.  :)

Butterfly Notes

Backstroke Notes

Breaststroke Notes

Freestyle Notes

TETHERED SWIMMING WORKOUTS - "Swim in Your Own Backyard w USMS 2008 Coach of the Year Susan Ingraham".  Order yourself a long stretch cord, anchor it outside your pool, and get started swimming in place.  These videos contain helpful hints and workout ideas to get you started.   Each segment is approx. 20 min in length.  Combine, add more repeats, do more rounds, or move the workouts around in any order you like.  Start with small goals and add on as you get more comfortable.

Pool Stretch Cord 1
Pool Stretch Cord 1
Pool Stretch Cord 2
Pool Stretch Cord 2
Pool Stretch Cord 3
Pool Stretch Cord 3
Pool Stretch Cord 4
Pool Stretch Cord 4

The following is a kick session.
Pool Stretch Cord 5
Verticle Kicking 

Use a mirror on the bottom of the pool to assist with self correction technique.
Pool Stretch Cord 6
Pool Stretch Cord 6 

United States Masters Swimming:

Florida Gold Coast LMSC:

Dixie Zone Masters Swimming:

SwimOutlet: Order custom apparel & swim gear online thru our Palm Beach Masters team link, get best pricing, club gets 8% back. Thanks for using

Go Swim: View swimming instructional videos and receive free daily emails.

Mr. Smooth:  Meet Mr. Smooth, an amazing animation to help you visualise great stroke technique and improve your own.  Download to your desktop and receive weekly email/blog.

Feel for the Water is Swim Smooth's blog:  Subscribe here to receive the free Swim Smooth Blog by email every Friday.

CSS Pace Conversion Chart: Click here to convert your CSS Pace for pool lengths ... SCM/LCM & SCY

Dynamic Shoulder Warmup for Competitive Swimmer:
Traditional pre-workout shoulder stretching is no longer encouraged for competitive swimmers. An active on-deck warm-up has been developed for swimmers to implement before workout and competition. Five activities are offered with pictures indicating the beginning and ending positions. The swimmer is instructed to complete 15 repetitions of each activity and then complete the entire group twice. The order of the activities is purposely designed to sequentially warm-up the tissues in increasingly elevated positions.  Included are five stretches which are no longer advocated for the swimming community. 

FINA video: Prevention of Shoulder Injuries:   
The video illustrates exercises to strengthen the areas that stabilize the shoulder joint. These are the core muscles, the rotator cuff and the shoulder muscles. All are well illustrated in the video. The FINA Sports Medicine Committee hopes that this can be of use to athletes in the aquatic sports around the world.     Shoulder Excercises Document

Swimmers Guide:  Search for a pool when out of town:

World Open Water Swimming Association:

Flow Swimming:  Swimming videos, interviews and races. Meet top swimmers.

Swim Network:

United States Lifeguard Associations:  Keep up with how our lifeguard friends are doing in their competitions:

click here to watch the Total Immersion Swimming Freestyle Demo by Shinji Takeuchi.
It’s a 2 minute video of beautiful, front quadrant, high elbow freestyle swimming.