How do I join Palm Beach Masters Swimming?

You can join at anytime. To join the program, complete the online registration form by clicking on MEMBERSHIP tab above and then JOIN.

All Masters Swimmers must join US Masters Swimming.  To register go to https://www.usms.org/reg/register.php or you'll be prompted during the online registration process.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $60 per month. For your first month if you join mid-month, there’s a half month fee available of $30. 
Spouses can swim for $30/month. ($90/married couple/month)
Swim 1 workout per week for $30/month.

You must pay with a CREDIT CARD.  Palm Beach County NO longer takes cash or checks.

All Masters Swimmers must join U.S. Masters Swimming. The annual USMS fee is currently $60.  Currently good through 12/31/2021!

How do I pay monthly dues?

Instructions to how to set up recurring billing with your credit card can be found here.  Or talk to the cashier or pool manager and ask them to place your credit card  on recurring billing for masters.  

What times can I swim at the pool?

We offer various coached swimming workouts throughout the day and week at 3 locations in Palm Beach County, Florida:

In northern Palm Beach County at the North County Aquatic Complex in Jupiter:

  • Early mornings on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays at 5:30am & 7:00am
  • Saturday mornings at 5:45am & 7:00am
  • Mid-days on Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays at 10:45am
  • Evenings on Mondays & Wednesdays at 7:30pm

In southern Palm Beach County at the Aqua Crest Pool in Delray Beach:

  • Early mornings on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays at 5:45am & 7:15am
  • Saturday mornings at 6:00am & 7:15am
  • Evenings on Mondays, Tuesdays, & Thursdays at 6:30pm

In central Palm Beach County at the Lake Lytal Pool in West Palm Beach:

  • Early mornings on Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays at 5:00am & 6:15am
  • Saturday mornings at 8:00am

You may swim as often as you choose at all locations. The $60 fee covers unlimited swims each month.

Can I swim at all the pools?

Absolutely! Your membership permits you to swim at all three Palm Beach County pools during Masters workouts.  However, when registering, please select a primary workout location and pay your dues to that pool each month.  

As an example, you may live in Jupiter and work in Boca Raton ... You have the flexibility of swimming at whichever facility is most convenient for you on a given day.

Do I just show up?

        Since May 19th, 2020, we have implemented a reservation process to reserve a             spot in an upcoming workout.  AFTER you Register As A New Member you can then Reserve A Workout.

Can I swim FREE for the first week to check it out?

       Yes!  Just contact Coach Linda to reserve a lane.  Complete the USMS Temporary  Membership Form and email to palmbeachmasters.org.  Then TEXT 561-373-1440 Coach Linda which workouts you would like to swim that week.

I’m a beginner, can I join? How intense is the coached workout?

Absolutely! As long as you can swim the length of the pool, you can join. Please understand this is not a learn to swim program, but a swimming workout. However, the workouts are modified for your ability. Folks can push themselves as hard as they choose each workout. If you need to rest more frequently than the workout’s plan, you can.

What can I expect at the coached workout?

Workouts are designed for 1 hour. Yardage will vary based on the capabilities of each swimmer. The program is run like a competitive swim team workout. Everyone starts together with a warm up; swims together to do drills, kicking and/or pulling; swims together to do the main interval set(s); and then everyone finishes with a warm down. Since a Masters program can have such a wide variety of swimmer abilities, each lane's workout is modified for what they can do. There are three workouts planned: the Wahoo group average 3000 yds/mtrs, the Loggerhead group average 2500 yds/mtrs, and the Manatee group average 1500 yds/mtrs at each workout. For example, the faster swimmers (Wahoo) may do a set of 10x100's, slower lanes (Loggerheads) would do 8x100's, and the beginner lanes (Manatees) would do 10x25's for a set. If folks need to get out early, they can jump out of the pool any time. And if folks want to continue and swim more yardage than the workout provided, they can certainly do that on their own at the end.

Will I get help and instruction with my strokes?

Absolutely! The coaches help each swimmer with their stroke and technique, which is so important. Swimming drills are included in and explained during the workout to help swimmers focus on proper swimming technique. If you want Coach to take a look at your stroke and give you feedback, just ask!

Can I compete in swimming competitions?

If you are interested in competing, there are US Masters swim meets in South Florida and around the country for you to compete in. Learn more at www.usms.org and www.fgcmasters.org. Some folks will be training to compete in USMS swim meets, open water races, and/or triathlons, and others just for fitness and won’t ever swim in a competition. It’s your choice!

Is Palm Beach Masters an official club?

Yes! Palm Beach Masters (PBM) is one of the fastest growing United States Masters Swimming clubs!  We have more than 300 swimmers swim with us each month.  From 2009-2014, the USMS club name was North County Masters of Jupiter (NCMJ).  On Nov 1, 2014, we expanded the program beyond Jupiter, and Palm Beach Masters (PBM) became our new USMS club name & abbreviation.

Tell me more about U.S. Masters Swimming?

U.S. Masters Swimming, founded in 1971, is a membership-operated national governing body that promotes adult health, fitness and wellness through aquatics. It does so by partnering with more than 1,000 adult swim clubs across the country that offer swim/fitness programs, promoting information via a bimonthly member magazine and www.usms.org, and sanctioning and promoting pool, open water and virtual competitions. More than 50,000 adults are registered members of U.S. Masters Swimming.

How do I join USMS?

You can register online at https://www.usms.org/reg/register.php or register during the online registration process to Join Palm Beach Masters.  Our LMSC is: Florida Gold Coast, and our CLUB is: Palm Beach Masters - PBM.

What's a Wahoo?

A wahoo is known as one of the fastest fish in the sea and is very tasty!!!  It’s a slim & sleek fish that looks & moves like a torpedo.  ... What all Masters swimmers want to be in the water … slim & fast! 
AND it’s a “double entendre” or a word with multiple meanings … thus we often use it as an interjection!

Definitions of WAHOO (according to Webster’s):
:  a large vigorous mackerel (Acanthocybium solandri) that is common in warm seas and esteemed as a food and sport fish
:  used to express exuberance or enthusiasm or to attract attention