All swimmers MUST first join/renew their USMS Swimming membership. 
Our LMSC is: Florida Gold Coast and 
our Club is: Palm Beach Masters (PBM).

To register as a new
Palm Beach Masters member:

Registering will get your contact info into our database and provide you with a Login Name to update your account in future (if ever needed).

After registering, please register for Recurring Billing of monthly masters membership dues.  It's easier to do so AT THE POOL with the pool manger/cashier just remember to bring your credit card.

RESERVE YOUR WORKOUT then show up to your first workout and introduce yourself to the coach on deck!
Install the WAHOO APP on your phone to make reserving workouts super easy.


        Returning members:

        Member Login                                               
Login Name
Forgot your Username or  Password?

Membership Options:

$60 per month  -  Swim unlimited each month during Masters workout times

$30 per month  -   Spouse Rate - applicable only if your spouse is also paying $60/mo.
                          or - Swim 1 day per week
                          or - Drop-In Fee for visiting swimmers (2 weeks of swimming)

                         If you join mid-month, you may pay $30 for the initial payment.

$10 per swim -  Drop-In Fee for visiting swimmers with us just a day or two.

Payment Method:

Credit Card to Palm Beach County Parks & Rec.  Do NOT setup payment on THIS website.

NOTE:  The County ONLY accepts credit card payments. 

Register for recurring billing for masters dues to charge your credit card automatically each month on the 1st of the month.  To enroll click here for instructions to setup online.
Or it easier to simply ask the pool manager or front cashier at the pool to put you on automatic credit card billing.

USMS Swimming:

All swimmers MUST join USMS Swimming. To register go to 
Our LMSC is: Florida Gold Coast and our Club is: Palm Beach Masters (PBM).