Fee Changes effective Oct 1, 2022

Team Wahoo,

Attached is a memo from the Palm Beach County Parks & Recreation Department.  Unfortunately, the topic is an announcement of our Masters swimming fees increasing starting in October 2022.  In summary, the new monthly fees will be:

     $75:   Monthly Swim Unlimited
     $40:   Half Month Swim Unlimited; or
               Monthly Swim Once per Week; or
               Monthly Swim Unlimited for PBC Ocean Rescue, Lifeguard, & Fire Rescue
    $115:  Couple's Monthly Swim, Unlimited for both spouses
     $12:   Visitor's Drop In Fee per workout

It’s not the news I like to deliver, but as I value every Wahoo swimmer, I wanted you to hear it directly from me.  I do hope that even with the increase, there’s a belief that the value of being a Palm Beach Masters swimmer surpasses just about every other Masters swim program in the cournty, both in price and the quality of what we’ve built.

Thank you for being part of our Palm Beach Masters program and I’m looking forward to an even stronger and healthier Wahoo nation!


~ Coach Linda
   Head Coach, Palm Beach Masters


Aqua Crest is REOPENING - Dec 13!!!

GREAT NEWS!!!  The AQUA CREST POOL is reopening Monday, Dec 13th!

Today I received the following email from Palm Beach County ...

We have decided to switch operations back over to Aqua Crest Pool starting Monday 12/13/2021. The Aqua Crest Pool temperature has been holding mid to high 70s while uncovered and the forecasted air temperatures look to remain similar for the rest of the month.  We are still working to get the heater up and running and should have updates next week. Meanwhile, we will continue to monitor the water temperature daily and will close the facility if it falls below 73 degrees. We will notify you if water temps are below 76 degrees so that you can modify or cancel your workouts as needed. I thank you for your patience and let me know if you have any concerns.

With the warmer air temperatures and the pool water temperature between 76-79 degrees ... Aqua Crest should be comfortable for lap swimming and well within the competitive swimming pool temperature recommendations.  It will be 2-5 degrees cooler than with the heater operating ... so for those of you sensitive to the colder water, please consider wearing a wetsuit, if you have.

Additionally, Palm Beach County is in the middle of repairs to the existing gas heater and is hoping to have it back up and running possibly as soon as the following week.

As always, please reserve your workouts in advance in the Wahoo APP.  And IF you paused your recurring billing for Palm Beach Masters, you will need to provide your credit card # to Paul, the pool manager, to get reinstated.

Thanks for everyone's patience & flexibility.  Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


~ Linda Irish Bostic
Head Coach, Palm Beach Masters
Palm Beach Masters

AquaCrest Pool closing - We are moving to Santaluces Aquatic Complex, Dec 1

IMPORTANT for our swimmers at the Aqua Crest Pool in Delray Beach,

We received news this morning that the pool heater at the Aqua Crest Pool could not be repaired and needs to be replaced. The time line for replacement, even under the most favorable circumstances, could be a few months.

Meanwhile, we have secured the Santaluces Pool in Lantana as an alternative site for us to continue our masters swimming workouts until the heater at Aqua Crest is replaced. Santaluces has 8 lanes and is heated/chilled. Our schedules shall remain the same and the facility will be ready for practices starting Wednesday, 12/1/2021.  

The pool address is:
Santaluces Aquatic Complex
   6750 Lawrence Road,
   Lantana, FL 33462

The Aqua Crest Pool will be open tomorrow, November 30th for our workouts.  The water is a chilly 73-76 degrees. It's invigorating!  Come mentally prepared or wear a wetsuit or cancel your Tuesday reservation.  Then, Aqua Crest will be shut down as of Dec 1.

Palm Beach Masters workouts will be relocated to the Santaluce Aquatic Complex as of Wednesday, December 1st.

We will keep the SAME workout times & days as we've had at Aqua Crest.  Nothing changes but the location.  Our Wahoo APP has been updated to reflect the new location and your resevations have been transferred.  

If you can't/dont plan to swim at Santaluces, please cancel your previous reservations on the APP for this week.  If you must quit swimming, please email me asap so that I can cancel your billing for December 1.  However, I hope you all will consider swimming with us at our new temporary location.

I apologize for this short notice but hope you appreciate the effort that has gone into securing a facility so quickly for us to continue swimming.  Santaluces was reopened in ONE day; pumps & heater turned ON; and it's just waiting for us to begin swimming there this Wednesday.  

The pool staff at Aqua Crest will move to Santaluces.  Santaluces will only be open to team workouts and not to the public.  Aqua Crest Pool will be closed until the heater can be replaced.

PBC is doing everything they can to expedite the purchase of the new heater at Aqua Crest. Thanks for your patience and understanding as we work through this.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

~ Linda Irish Bostic
Head Coach, Palm Beach Masters




We've got a new system to RESERVE WORKOUTS starting December 20th, 2020. And we are super excited!  

Click on the link below
to watch a VIDEO TOUR of the new Wahoo App:



Open your camera on your phone and point it at the QR code below.  
The Wahoo APP URL will pop up.  Tap it.

NOTE: IF your camera doesn't read the QR code above, OR you are reading this email on your phone ... enter the URL in your browser, PBM.theswimuniverse.com and continue with the directions below.

Follow directions below, depending on which phone you have.

    ...  iOS users (iphone or ipad):  
      - Tap the share icon (square w up arrow) at the bottom middle of your window
      - Scroll down & Tap Add to Home Screen 
      - Tap Add

     ... Android users:
      - Tap the menu icon (3 dots) in the upper right-hand corner
      - Scroll down and tap Add to Home Screen OR Install App
      - Tap the + or check button at the top right.


AFTER you have the Wahoo APP button on your phone or tablet, THEN:
- Click on the button to open it.  
- You'll be prompted to Enter your Email Address, and press Continue.
- Go to your email inbox to get the PIN just sent to you.
- Come back to the APP and you'll be prompted to Enter the PIN, and press Continue.

AND YOU'RE IN!  Wahoo!  Enjoy!  

Move the Wahoo APP button to your first screen, so you always see it!  It'll make you smile!

Be sure to update your MY PROFILE!  :)

Once installed correctly, you'll never have to enter your email address or PIN again.

DON'T WORRY ... IF you have any problems, bring your phone to the pool and your coach will happily help you get the Wahoo APP all set up and running and show you how to use it.

ALSO ... you can install the new
WAHOO Reservation System on your COMPUTER!  

Just copy the Wahoo app URL:  PBM.theswimuniverse.com 
and enter it into your browser.  Save to your desktop.

But it's much better on your phone ... TRY IT, YOU'LL LIKE IT.  I promise!

A couple of common human errors when installing:

1)  You MUST install it to your home screen BEFORE you login w your email adress and PIN emailed to you.   Otherwise, it will continue to ask you for your email address and a PIN every time.

2)  IF it says the PIN is incorrect, if not a typo ... then you've likely requested a second PIN be sent to you and you've gotten ahead of receiving the next PIN email.  

3).  IF you continue to have problems.  Wait a while.  Try again.    
IF you continue to have problems,  delete Wahoo APP button from your phone.  And start over to re-install. 

4).  The Wahoo APP is NOT in the APP STORE.  It's a 3rd party app.  

MY GIFT TO YOU this year is the new WAHOO APP!  
I hope you all enjoy it!
It should make reserving workouts each week much much easier! 
~ The Wahoo Life! ~


The previous way to Reserve A Workout on our website will no longer be used as of December 20th, 2020.  (My birthday!)

Let me know what issues you have or enhancements you would like to see!  

AND ... more exciting things will be coming within the WAHOO APP in the new year!

~ Coach Linda
   Head Coach, Palm Beach Masters





1.  Go to www.pbcsplash.com.

2.  Hover over the “Online Services” tab at the top of the screen until a drop down menu appears and then click on “Register/Pay for a Program”.

3.  Click “Login” located on the upper right area of the page.

4.  Enter your Username & Password.

Most of you already have an account, especially if you've ever given $ to the pool for swim team dues or swim lessons in the past ... but you may not know your username or password.  The online recovery process for both your username and password is easy and just takes a few minutes.  Follow the prompts "if you have an account with us, but you've forgotten your username ... ".  Then, if you have forgotten your password too (may have never known it), click on that link also to recover it.

Otherwise, if you are a brand new member, Create An Account.

5.  Once logged in, select “Aquatics”.

6.  Select the desired facility in the location area of the Activity Search Criteria and click search. (Aqua Crest Pool, North County Aquatic, or Lake Lytal Pool)

7.  Select the desired Recurring Monthly Billing option for Palm Beach Masters of either $60 or $30 by clicking the green “ +” sign.

8.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and Add To Cart.

9.  Select the participant and scroll down to click Continue.  

10.  You may get an Availability Conflict message which can be ignored.  Continue.

11.  Enter your credit card information and Submit Payment 

12.  Be sure to hit the final Submit Payment button on the Receipt Confirmation page.  

Note that the receipt will be for $0 and may be confusing.  This is since it does not bill until the 1st of the month.  

You will get an immediate email confirmation of signing up.  IF you don’t, you did not complete the process.   You will also get an email receipt when the invoice bills on the 1st of each month.

If you have any problems, please contact Coach Linda.
To easily stop or change your recurring billing, please email Coach Linda at palmbeachmasters@gmail.com prior to the 1st of the month.   She will approve and forward to the Pool Manager to take care of.



Social Distancing & Requirements as PBM Workouts Resume

We believe swimming is a critical healthy activity.  Swimming does not require direct contact between teammates or coaches and social distancing can be maintained throughout practice.  As with all exercise and activity at this time, swimming must comply with standards for social distancing and safety within aquatic facilities.  We know, with collaboration between USMS coaches, public health officials, and Palm Beach County facility operators we can create safe plans for using the aquatic facilities to promote physical and mental health opportunities compliant with public health directives.  The CDC has indicated that there is no evidence the disease spreads through treated water.  Proper operation and maintenance of our pools should inactivate the virus in the water.
Compliance with the requirements listed below will be enforced by coaches and facility staff to ensure our collective well-being.  Please read the requirements below carefully in order to avoid any misunderstanding.

  • Swimmers & Coaches must comply with all applicable Federal, State, County and facility restrictions and will maintain 6+ feet social distancing on deck and in lanes.
  • Swimmers and coaches must be a current USMS member.  Non USMS members will be denied pool deck entry.
  • Swimmers must be current with payment of monthly PBM dues.  Swimmers must register for recurring billing of PBMasters dues to be charged to your credit card on the 1st of each month on Palm Beach County's pbcsplash.com website. 
    Cash and check payments will no longer be accepted at the pool by Palm Beach County.
  • Swimmers must check-in with the Coach on deck before entering the pool for their lane assignment.
  • Swimmers and Coaches are required to wear masks when entering/exiting the facility, speaking with pool staff, teammates, & coaches and when on deck before/after practices.
  • Swimmers and Coaches should arrive as close as possible to the workout start time and leave the facility as soon as possible after practice.
  • Enter and exit the facility and pool as directed by facility staff.  Look for and follow facility signs and coach’s instructions.
  • No changing on the pool deck or in the bathrooms is allowed.  Swimmers must wear their swimsuits to and from practice.   
  • Bathroom facilities are limited to use of toilets only.  Showers in the bathroom facilities are not to be used.
  • Bring a full water bottle, if desired, to avoid touching a tap, water fountain handle, or ice machine. Label bottle with your name.  Do not share water bottles.
  • Bring your own swim equipment labeled with your name.  No use of pool owned equipment (kickboards, pull buoys, etc).  No sharing of equipment.
  • Wash your hands with a disinfectant soap and water or use hand sanitizer before going to pool and after leaving the pool.
  • Stay home if you are not feeling well.  Swimmers and Coaches should not come to practice if you have a fever or symptoms of COVID_19 as defined by the CDC.  You must be cleared for training by a physician after being diagnosed to have COVID-19.
Thank you for your compliance and understanding.  Be safe and enjoy your swim!


Wahoo Newsletter Apr 29, 2020



Hey Team Wahoo!

First off I hope everyone is doing well and is healthy!

Update on Palm Beach County Pool Re-openings  


Earlier this week, PBC Mayor Kerner stated that as of today Palm Beach County will reopen access to boating and marine recreation, golf courses, parks, tennis courts and community pools with restrictions.  

Unfortunately, the words "community pools" are referring to neighborhood pools or HOA pools, not our Palm Beach County owned public Aquatic Centers. 

Here is the entire PBC Emergency Order #5 for you to read.  

My understanding is that we are still a couple weeks away before re-opening our facilities for organized team sports and masters swim programming.

However, it is possible that the County could re-open for lap swimming at reduced capacity in the very near future.  

As soon as I hear anything definite, I will let you know immediately.


Swim Training To Do At Home 

More TETHERED SWIMMING WORKOUTS - Here are 2 more swim workouts for your small backyard or community pool.

The following is a kick session.

Pool Stretch Cord 5
Verticle Kicking

Use a mirror on the bottom of the pool to assist with self correction technique.

Pool Stretch Cord 6
Pool Stretch Cord 6

What you can do today to help strengthen you for tomorrow.

Our website PalmBeachMasters.org LINKS webpage has many websites and resources, mentioned in our last newsletter, for dryland exercises and online educational & informational resourses for swimmers.  

Join us online.

Stay connected with your Wahoo Family!

Our Wahoo ZOOM meetings have been so much fun! It's so great to see and hear everyone!  Join us this week!

Fridays at 5:30pm EST 

Join Wahoo Zoom Meeting:





Wahoo Weigh-In  
 ... The Quarantine Cut!

Who wants to use this time to lose some weight and improve your health and nutrition program? 

Join us on ZOOM on Monday & Thursday nights at 6:30pm EST.  Let's support each other and share tips on eating healthy and exercising during quarantine.


   Meeting ID: 561 373 1440


And lastly, IF anyone needs anything during this time, please reach out and let us know.  Your swim coaches and teammates would love to help you.  Many are involved with local organizations who are helping those impacted by COVID-19.  

Love & miss you all!


~ Coach Linda




Palm Beach Masters Workouts are Restarting Tuesday

Team Wahoo,

I am so excited to say that we will be getting you and your teammates back into the water with your coaches on deck next week ... WAHOO!

On Friday we were informed that we could resume our Masters program on Tuesday, May 19th with some restrictions!  I have to say thanks to our friends with Palm Beach County Parks & Recreation Aquatics for doing an incredible job getting us back in the pool! 

I have so much to share with you!  To start with, please review the document below, Palm Beach Masters Plan to Resume Workouts, explaining what to expect next week.  It's a good overview.  Then Saturday I will send you more details with specifics and how-to's.

Additionally, Saturday afternoon I will be hosting a Facebook Live & Zoom Meeting to answer many of your questions.  More details will be announced asap.  Please watch your email and social media.

A lot will be changing, but much will be the same.  It's important you be informed.  Most importantly, we will be taking precautions and measures to keep us all as safe as possible in the pool.

We are excited and can't wait to see you again.  WAHOO!

~ Coach Linda


Palm Beach Masters Plan to Resume Workouts

In anticipation of our pools reopening, we developed the following document as a guide for our swimmers and coaches.  Compliance with the requirements listed below will be enforced by coaches and facility staff to ensure our collective well-being.  Please read the requirements carefully in order to avoid any misunderstanding.


We believe swimming is a critical healthy activity.  Swimming does not require direct contact between teammates or coaches and social distancing can be maintained throughout practice.  As with all exercise and activity at this time, swimming must comply with standards for social distancing and safety within aquatic facilities.  We know, with collaboration between USMS coaches, public health officials, and Palm Beach County facility operators we can create safe plans for using the aquatic facilities to promote physical and mental health opportunities compliant with public health directives.  The CDC has indicated that there is no evidence the disease spreads through treated water.  Proper operation and maintenance of our pools should inactivate the virus in the water.


Palm Beach County Aquatics has designated Tuesday - Saturday mornings from 5:00am – 8:30am for Palm Beach Masters to run team workouts. At this time, we are unfortunately not allocated time to run our mid-day and evening workouts.  Evenings from 3:00pm – 7:30pm will be assigned to the youth swim, dive, & synchro teams.  Pools will be closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Swimmers must reserve lanes in advance for workout times on a first come first served basis. (Details will be sent out via email soon on how to do so.)

PBM workouts will provide time for the pool deck to clear and to maximize social distancing between sessions.  Swimmers from consecutive workout sessions will not overlap.

No more than 2 swimmers will be allowed per lane with swimmers in a lane starting at opposite ends of the pool.  Staggered starts in side by side lanes will also be used.  

Coaches will assign lanes to swimmers based upon speed and group (Wahoo, Loggerhead, & Manatee).  Swimmers will circle swim in their lane.  


Swimmers & Coaches must comply with all applicable Federal, State, County and facility restrictions and will maintain 6+ feet social distancing on deck and in lanes.

Swimmers and coaches MUST be a current USMS member.  Non USMS members will be denied pool deck entry.

Swimmers must be current with payment of monthly PBM dues.  Swimmers must register for   automatic monthly credit card payments of PBM dues to be charged June 1st.  No cash/check payments at pool will be accepted.  Swimmers who are not current with payment will be denied pool deck entry.

Swimmers must check-in with Coaches before entering the pool.

Swimmers and Coaches should not come to practice if you have a fever or symptoms of COVID_19 as defined by the CDC.  You must be cleared for training by a physician after being diagnosed or suspected to have COVID-19.

Swimmers and Coaches are required to wear masks when entering the facility, speaking with pool staff, and on deck before/after practices.

Swimmers and Coaches should arrive as close as possible to the workout start time and leave the facility as soon as possible after practice.

Enter and exit the facility and pool as directed by facility staff.

No changing on the pool deck or in the bathrooms is allowed.  Swimmers must wear their swimsuits to and from practice.   

Bathroom facilities are limited to use of toilets only.  Showers in the bathroom facilities are not to be used.

Bring a full water bottle to avoid touching a tap, water fountain handle, or ice machine.  Label bottle with your name.  Do not share water bottles.

Bring your own swim equipment labeled with your name in a mesh bag.  No use of pool owned equipment (kickboards, pull buoys, etc).  No sharing of equipment.

Wash your hands with a disinfectant soap and water or use hand sanitizer before going to pool and after leaving the pool.

Workout Times

Palm Beach Masters Workout Times starting Tuesday, May 19th, 2020:

- North County Aquatic Complex - Jupiter 
     Tuesdays thru Fridays: 5:30am-6:45am and 7:00am-8:15am
     Saturdays: 6:00am-7:10am and 7:15am-8:25am 

- Lake Lytal Family Aquatic Center - West Palm Beach 
     Tuesdays thru Fridays: 5:00am-6:15am and 6:30am-7:45am
     Saturdays 7:15am-8:25am

- Aqua Crest Pool - Delray Beach 
     Tuesdays thru Fridays: 5:45am-7:00am and 7:15am-8:30am
     Saturdays: 6:00am-7:10am and 7:15am-8:25am

This is a starting point!  We hope to move back to our regular schedule as soon as possible …  adding back our mid-day and evening workout sessions … and adding back more swimmers per lane when appropriate.

Thank you for your cooperation during these unusual times!

~ Your PBM Wahoo Coaches!



IMPORTANT! Pools opening for lap swimming!


I'm so excited to share ...

Palm Beach County will be opening our pools for lap swimming only beginning this Saturday, May 2nd.  WAHOO!!!

The online reservation system to reserve your lane will be available at 5pm today.

Here are the details of PBC reopening the pools ...

  • Lap Swimming only
    (No organized team sports or programming; diving boards and wells are closed at this time)
  • Pools will be open Tuesday - Saturday from 8am - 5pm 
  • (4) Sessions each day:
          8am - 10am  |  10am - 12pm  |  1pm - 3pm  |  3pm - 5pm 
  • 1 person per lane
    (Entry & Exit will be opposite for every lane; so odd lanes will enter/exit on one side of the pool and even lanes will enter/exit opposite side of the pool)
  • Each session will allow swimming for 1.5 hours and then .5 hour for lifegurards to clean and disinfect high touch surfaces
  • Showers and changing areas will be closed.  However restroom toilets wil be available if needed.  Come in your swimsuit ready to swim.
  • Deck and lounge chairs will be removed. 
  • Reserve your lane online. First come; first serve (limited availability).  Instructions below.
  • Payment is required at time of reservation and is 3.50 + tax ($3.75 total).
  • Credit Cards Only  (no cash or check accepted).
  • Absolutely No Refunds for individuals reserving a lane and not showing up. 
  • Reservations are non-transferable. 
  • Patrons are encouraged to wear masks when entering the facility and speaking with staff.

Since lanes are expected to fill up quickly, I want to give you a headsup to go online NOW ... and ensure you have your login name & password for www.pbcsplash.com .

NOTE:  MOST all of you already have an account, especially if you've EVER given $ to the pool for Masters dues ... but you may not know your username or password.  The online recovery process for both your username and password is easy ... and just takes a few minutes.  Follow the prompts "if you have an account with us, but you've forgotten your username ... ".  Then, if you have forgotten your password too (may have never known it), click on that link also to recover it.

Again, the online reservation will be available today at 5pm.


To reserve your lane ...

1. Go to www.pbcsplash.com

2. Hover over the “Online Services” tab at the top of the screen until a drop down menu appears and then click on “Register/Pay for a Program”.

3. Click “Login” located on the upper right area of the page.

4. Enter your login information.

5. Once logged in, select “Aquatics”.

6. Select the desired facility in the location area of the Activity Search Criteria and click search. (Aqua Crest Pool, North County Aquatic, or Lake Lytal Pool)

7. Select the desired lap swim session by clicking the green “ +” sign.

8. Add item to the cart, select the participant(s) and click continue.

9. Continue to payment

Be sure to reserve all your swim sessions for next week asap. Mark your calendars and don't forget what session day(s) & time(s) you reserved!  

Since things will likely change week to week, only one week at a time will be open to reserve a lane for lap swimming.

We will be posting workouts on our website, www.palmbeachmasters.org , for you to print and use if you'd like.  More info to come.



Wahoo Newsletter - April 20, 2020



Hey Team Wahoo!

Jusy reaching out to try to maintain our Wahoo community!  There's a lot of good stuff in our first Wahoo Newsletter of the Quarantine era below.  Sorry it's so long but I wanted to share all the things that I thought you might enjoy.  Flag this email and come back to it when you have time to read through it all!  :)

Recently I updated our website PalmBeachMasters.org LINKS webpage with the following websites and resources ... all good stuff! ...

Dryland & Fitness Training To Do At Home

U.S. MASTERS SWIMMING COVID-19 Member Resources - Numerous workouts and resources to assist the swimmers during the pandemic are available on the USMS website including: Resistance band workouts"How to get through the loss of swimming", and "Coronavirus and Swimming: What you need to know"

Bo Hickey is providing dryland workouts on Mondays and Thursdays to help keep you moving at home.

USA TRIATHLON DRYLAND STRETCH CORD WORKOUTS - Stretch cord workouts designed to help keep swim specific strength and conditioning during the shut-down.

SWIMSWAM AT HOME SWIM TRAINING - Various dryland workouts available that are designed for swimmers.

SWIMOUTLET LIVE WORKOUTS - Participate in live workouts every day at 1 pm EST on Swimoutlet's Instagram page. Workouts are designed for swimmers.

MYSWIMPRO DRYLAND- MySwimPro offers swimming-specific dryland workouts to get stronger, including "How Swimmers Can Work Out Without a Pool" and Virtual Dryland Bootcamps every Sunday at 10am ET live on InstagramFacebook, & YouTube .

Our very own Delray Wahoo Colleen Greenhalgh, owner of Beyond Fitness Delray, has put together this YouTube video of strength, flexibility, and breathing exercises for us.  Follow her YouTube Channel and you'll find other great classes including Foam Roller Massage and more.

STABILITY BALL EXERCISES - "Having a Ball in 2020" w USMS 2008 Coach of the Year Susan Ingraham. Susan has made a series of stability ball exercises, one for each stroke.  Each one is only 10 minutes, so the perfect addition to your current dry land workout.  Add one stroke into your daily routine for variety, so your body doesn't forget how to swim.  :)


Butterfly Notes



Backstroke Notes



Breaststroke Notes



Freestyle Notes




Swim Training To Do At Home 

TETHERED SWIMMING WORKOUTS - "Swim in Your Own Backyard" w USMS 2008 Coach of the Year Susan Ingraham. Order yourself a long stretch cord, anchor it outside your pool, and get started swimming in place.  These videos contain helpful hints and workout ideas to get you started.  Each segment is approx. 20 min in length.  Combine, add more repeats, do more rounds, or move the workouts around in any order you like.  Start with small goals and add on as you get more comfortable.

Pool Stretch Cord 1
Pool Stretch Cord 1
Pool Stretch Cord 2
Pool Stretch Cord 2
Pool Stretch Cord 3
Pool Stretch Cord 3
Pool Stretch Cord 4
Pool Stretch Cord 4


Technique & Educational Resources

GoSwim - View swimming instructional videos and receive free daily emails.
www.goswim.tv  The entire library is currently availalbe to search for free.

Swim Smooth's blog, "Feel for the Water" -  Subscribe here to receive the free Swim Smooth Blog by email every Friday.

Mr. Smooth -  Meet Mr. Smooth, an amazing animation to help you visualise great stroke technique and improve your own.  Download to your desktop and receive their weekly email. 

SwimSmooth.guru - An "encyclopedia" resource of all things from Swim Smooth.  Discover, understand - and most importantly - apply all of our award-winning coaching.  As a Swim Smooth Certified Coach, I can give YOU access to the Standard version of the Swim Smooth Guru for FREE forever.  Yes!  Just send me an email palmbeachmasters@gmail.com and ask me to give you access!  AND now during these crazy times, everyone is upgraded to the Pro version for free.  You'll have access to:

  • Stroke Fault Fixers
  • The Complete Swim Smooth Drill Video Set
  • Learn To Swim Program
  • Elite Swimmer Studies
  • Video Streams
  • Swim Smooth's Swim Types
  • Catch Masterclass
  • Intelligent Goal Setting
  • Full Training Plans
  • Training Session Library
  • Full Training Log & Fitness Analysis
  • CSS Tweaker
  • Virtual Squad
  • Swim Smooth's Dryland Cord Training & Injury Prevention Routines

Coach Chris's Friday Fun Fact - SUBSCRIBE to our Wahoo Life YouTube Channel .  Coach Chris Beach shares his Friday Fun Facts with us early Friday mornings! You don't want to miss an episode! 

Last Call on Homemade Face Masks

Maureen Fitzpatrick & her husband, Gerry, have been doing an incredible job sewing homemade face masks for family, friends, teammates, and projects for Yale-New Haven Hospital in CT and the University of Florida Shands Hospital.  

If you'd like a mask(s) please contact Maureen at 860-304-3402 or at mofitz13@gmail.com with your name, cell ph number, and number of masks needed.  

Masks are no cost to you. Maureen & Gerry simply ask that you pay it forward to those in need during these trying times.

These masks are for your personal use. They are washable and reusable. Supplies are limited and currently they only have material for about 30-40 more. 

Wahoo Virtual Get-Togethers on ZOOM.   

Our Wahoo ZOOMs have been so much fun! It's so great to see and hear everyone! 

Join us weekly on Fridays at 5:30pm EST for our WAHOO VIRTUAL HAPPY HOURs!

Download the ZOOM software for your laptop or APP for your phone or tablet.  And then join us Friday afternoons for a video chat with your swim buddies and let your coronavirus worries subside for a little.

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Darcy Cookies!  

Everybody's been baking these days while staying home!   So here's our Wahoo Baking Queen Darcy LaFountain with her chocolate chip cookie recipe  ...

... For those of you who know I bake, here is a recipe to make until I can bake for you again! This is my standard chocolate chip cookie.

 3/4 C Brown sugar
 3/4 C White sugar
 1 cup butter,  I use Land O Lakes
 Cream these three items together

Add two eggs and 2 teaspoons of pure vanilla

Gradually add:
 2 1/4 C flour
 1 teaspoon salt
 1 teaspoon baking soda

After completely blended, add one package of Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips.
One cup of nuts is optional.

Drop by generous tablespoons onto an ungreased cookie sheet.
Bake at 350° for about nine minutes. Cool for 10 minutes.

If they break while removing from the cookie sheet, they have no calories.
Pour a glass of milk and enjoy!
I miss everyone!

Wahoo Weigh-In  
 ... The Quarantine Cut!

Who wants to use this time to lose some weight and improve your health? 
Mike Lamonica and I invite you to join us on ZOOM on Monday & Thursday nights at 6:30pm EST.  Let's support each other and share tips on eating healthy and exercising while we shred the fat pounds during quarantine.

Last week I went on Facebook Live and was talking about some of the eating & excercise challenges I was facing as this quarantine continues.  What I was looking for and found from many of you was accountability. And now, I’m back on track!  Mike LaMonica wrote me and mentioned he started doing a “quarantine cut” himself. Then we thought ... let’s do this together, as a team!  We hope you'll join us!  Starting TONIGHT!

Join Wahoo Zoom Meeting:    
   WAHOO Weigh-In ~ The Quarantine Cut
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   Meeting ID: 561 373 1440

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Can't wait to see you soon in your WAHOO gear back at the pool!

I miss seeing each and everyone of you at the pool.  I hope you and your families are doing well and staying safe & healthy.

Let's make the best of these crazy times!


~ Coach Linda



6th Annual Snag Holmes Masters Invitational Results

Thanks to all of our swimmers, coaches, officials, and volunteers who made the 6th Annual Snag Holmes Masters Invitational on March 6-8th, 2020 a big success!  WAHOO!  Click below for the ...


Palm Beach Masters Code of Conduct & Lane Etiquette


Code of Conduct

  1. All swimmers must be a current member of U.S. Masters Swimming (USMS).
  2. All swimmers must be current with their monthly fee payments to Palm Beach Board of County Commissioners.
  3. Be nice.  Be friendly to coaches and swimmers & welcoming to guests.
  4. Be respectful and supportive of teammates, coaches, and the program at all times in both words and actions.
  5. Uphold the values of sportsmanship both in and out of the water.
  6. The use of inappropriate or abusive language, bullying, harassment, intimidation, discrimination, or physical violence will not be tolerated.
  7. If you have concerns or issues with a specific swimmer, address it with that swimmer.  If needed, bring the issue to the coach on deck. 
  8. If you have an issue with a coach, address it directly with that coach. If needed, bring the issue to the Head Coach, Linda Bostic.  
  9. As a member of our club, you are a representative of Palm Beach Masters, and all swimmers and coaches are expected to always represent Palm Beach Masters in a positive and professional manner.

Lane Etiquette

  1. Being on time is helpful to the coach and your lane mates.  If you join a workout late, be cautious when entering the pool and disrupting the flow of the set.  Enter as the last swimmer and swim easy until there is a stopping point.
  2. Find an appropriate lane.  Ask the coach for help.  Look for swimmers of similar speed and abilities.  Lanes are typically divided by speed, fastest to slowest, and by group, Wahoo, Loggerhead, & Manatee.
  3. Give the coach on deck your attention when they explain the workout and give announcements.
  4. Circle swim.  Three or more swimmers in a lane must circle counter-clockwise. Swim on the right side of the lane.  
  5. If after the warmup and by the main set, there are only 2 swimmers in a lane, you can split the lane and each take a side, if desired.  Be sure both parties understand what you are doing.  Head-on collisions are a headache.  
  6. When stopping to take a breather or when finishing a swim, be mindful of the other swimmers in your lane, move to the side of the lane so others can turn or finish their swim at the wall.
  7. To Touch or Not to Touch?  Some people don’t like their feet touched.  To pass you can try to tap once and go around or turn at the flags or in the middle.  Be very careful passing during the length of the pool, collisions may occur.  Changing the order of swimmers in the lane is best done during the rest interval by simply asking if you may go in front.
  8. If a faster swimmer is coming up behind you and touches your feet, that’s an indication that they want to pass.  Swim to the next wall, then stop and let them go ahead of you.
  9. If you are slower than others in your lane, don’t push off just before other swimmers are about to turn at the wall. Wait for them to turn, give them some space, then go.
  10. :05 Rule.  Give space. Always give the person in front of you the full :05 before pushing off behind them. If you are faster than the person in front, you can give them more time or choose to lead the lane.
  11. Learn your lane mates’ names.  Introduce yourself.  We are an amazing & interesting team.  Get to know your teammates.
  12. Equipment. Use your own or borrow from the pool if available.  Put your name on your equipment.  We find lost equipment almost every day.  At the end of the workout, put your equipment and toys away.
  13. Workouts are typically scheduled for 60-75 minutes.  Swimmers should exit the pool by the workout end time. Please respect the start time of the second workout. If a swimmer wishes to swim extra at the end of the workout, please ask the coach if there is a lane available and where you should move to.  Lifeguards may be scheduled for other duties off stand at the end of our workouts. On Monday mornings and weeknight evenings, swimmers must exit the facility within 15 minutes of the end of the workout. The facility closes immediately afterwards, and lifeguards must lock up. 
  14. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask.  The coach on deck is always there to help you.
  15. Swimmers should make an honest effort to follow the workouts as written.  Workouts may be modified based upon your abilities and desires, as long as it does not disrupt the flow of the lane or if all swimmers in the lane agree to changes. Accommodations will be made for swimmers with special needs.
  16. We all have days, good days and bad days.  Be aware of the needs of others in your lane, work together, and have a great workout.


Penalties for Violation of the Code of Conduct

At the discretion of the Coach on deck or the Head Coach, any one of all of the following penalties may apply:

  • Private reprimand of the swimmer;
  • Suspension from practice, without any reimbursement of any fees paid;
  • Suspension or termination from Palm Beach Masters if there are egregious, multiple, and/or irresolvable violations.  (This penalty requires concurrence of Palm Beach Masters’ Head Coach and Palm Beach County Parks & Recreation Aquatics Director.)

A member of the coaching staff determined to be violating the Code of Conduct may be subject to disciplinary action, including suspension or termination from employment depending on the severity of the violation.

Palm Beach Masters aspires to be a great team.  We rely on one another’s good judgment, respect, and commitment to uphold a high standard of conduct. In this way, we can achieve our maximum potential as a friendly adult swimming program and as a competitive USMS club. 

If you see or hear something that you believe does not respect the values we hold — speak up!



100 x 100's !!! 2019 New Year's Challenge!


75 swimmers from across the Florida Gold Coast LMSC participated in our New Year's Wahoo Challenge workout of 100 x 100's on Sunday, Jan 6th at the North County Aquatic Complex in Jupiter.

CLICK HERE to watch a video from our 100x100's !

The 24 swimmers pictured below (except Coach Linda) completed all 100 x 100's !!!                                     


        Todd, Tyler & DJ                           John & Trent                             Catherine, Karen, Pam, Dave, Chip, Francois, Mike, Kathy, & Tom                                                                                    


      Diane, Jim, Tamara, Ed, & Ingrid                    Jen, Denise, Cathy, & Adam                                            & Heidi !!!


Below is a listing of all 75 swimmer's final # of 100's (or 50's) completed ...

Wahoo 100x100's 
New Year's Challenge: Jan 6th, 2019

Swimmer # 100s or 50s Base Interval

Ingrid Bonn  110 100s 2:00
Chip Green 105 100s 1:50
DJ Gallagher 101 100s 1:30
Tyler Magarity 101 100s 1:30
Todd Wilson 101 100s 1:30
Trent Edwards 100 100s 1:40
John Potts 100 100s 1:40
Mike LaMonica 100 100s 1:50
Tom Spino 100 100s 1:50
Pam Figoras 100 100s 1:50
Kathy Potts 100 100s 1:50
Francois Caudrillier 100 100s 1:50
Catherine Rust 100 100s 1:50
Karen Dietrick 100 100s 1:50
Dave Reynods 100 100s 1:50
Jim Andersen 100 100s 2:00
Diane Ragali 100 100s 2:00
Ed Pritchard 100 100s 2:00
Tamara Burton 100 100s 2:00
Denise Stromstedt 100 100s 2:10
Jen Macri 100 100s 2:10
Cathy Goodwin 100 100s 2:10
Adam Rossmell 100 100s 2:20
Heidi Bettendorf 100 100s 2:30
Kathy Cronin 90 100s 2:30
Alana Watts 90 100s 2:30
Drew Gendron 81 100s 1:50
Nicole Niemeyer 80 100s 2:00
Shannon Mullings 75 100s 2:00
Domenick Macri 75 100s 2:10
Jo-Ann Berry 75 100s 2:10
Michael Yagemann 70 100s 1:40
Barry Garland 64 100s 1:30
Scott Loder 64 100s 1:30
Cliff Drusinsky 64 100s 1:40
Janice Campbell 63 100s 2:10
Jay Miller 62 100s 1:50
Winston Chico 60 100s 1:40
Tom TJ Jones 60 100s 1:50
Jeanne Danford 60 100s 2:00
Bobby Mattin 60 50s 1:15
Ellen Taber 60 50s 1:15
Martha Paniagua 55 50s 2:30
Matt Ringler 52 100s 1:40
Laura Nuudi 51 100s 1:30
John Reback 50 100s 1:30
Patrick Billingsley 50 100s 1:30
Greg Taylor 50 100s 1:40
Colin Goldsmith 50 100s 1:40
Douglas Meckelnburg 50 100s 1:50
Tracy Williams 50 100s 2:00
Hilary Morris 50 100s 2:00
Curt Malam 50 100s 2:20
Susan Smith 50 100s 2:20
Maureen Fitzpatrick 100 50's 1:15
Bob Clowry 100 50S 1:15
Michael Taber 100 50s 1:15
Portia Culley 47 100s 1:50
Dave Quiggin 45 100s 1:50
Hannah Muldin 40 100s 1:30
Dan Lotano 40 100s 1:30
Ray Popp 40 100s 2:10
Michelle Chattaway 40 100s 2:20
Sharon Friedman 40 100s 2:20
Louise Cobetto 40 100s 2:30
Bob Gibson 38 100s 2:10
Roger Parsons 36 100s 2:00
Linda Irish Bostic 21 100s 1:30
George Quigley 21 100s 2:40
Belle Forino 20 100s 2:00
Patrick Cannan 20 100s 2:19
Edith DiFrancesco 20 100s 2:20
Bruce Lyon 40 50s 1:30
Ken Bolog ? - 3 hrs 100s 3:00
Michelle Reed ? - 2 hrs 100s 3:00

SWIM 20K, 35K, or 50K in DECEMBER !!!


The beginning of a new month and the end of the year is among us!  

Let’s prepare to start the new year with a challenge that will promote commitment, dedication and teamwork during this holiday season to make 2019 start off the best we can, together!

So what’s the challenge?  Set a goal and make a commitment to swim 20k, 35k or 50k (meters or yards) in the month of December. 

What does that look like?  
- Swim approximately 1700 mtrs/yds per day 3 times a week for the 20k challenge.
- Swim 3000 mtrs/yds per day 3 times a week for the 35k challenge.
- Swim a little over 3100 mtrs/yds per day 4 times per week for the 50k challenge.  

What are the benefits?  
You will feel better eating whatever you want this holiday season.  You will start the new year off feeling like you’ve already accomplished something.  You will also notice how much you want to get to practice on time to take advantage of the easy yards of warm up and to fully warm down.  

How to track?
Let your coaches know what you’re doing and how they can help.  You keep track of it yourselves and encourage each other during this time.  Consider using the USMS Fitness Log (FLOG) to track your swims online.  Here’s the link.   https://www.usms.org/events/fitness-events/go-the-distance

After a month of using the FLOG, you may be motivated to track your swims for a full year and participate in the 2019 USMS Go The Distance Fitness event.   How far do you swim in a year?!!!

Need an extra little challenge but don’t think you can do 15,000 more?  Challenge yourself to swim meters vs yards!

Thanks to Coach Andrew for this great suggestion shared from our swim coaching buddy, Mike Jotautas, in Louisville, KY. 

Take the Challenge!  Make a plan!  Just do it!  Have fun with it!  You’ll be glad you did! Wahoo!

~ Coach Linda




2nd place combined Local Club!!!  
Our women's team placed 1st!  
Our men's team placed 5th!  

Just 98 POINTS behind The Olympic Club!  They said we gave them a scare!  

Here's a link to the Swim Phone RESULTS , if you are interested in the final club scores and who we beat ... or to check your individual results & splits.

?We couldn't have done it without each and everyone of YOU who attended and represented Palm Beach Masters!  THANK YOU for making the committment to go compete with us at the USMS Nationals!  

What an incredible group we have!  I am often told from other swimmers ... how nice our swimmers are!  The comraderie of our team is unique to watch and experience!  Each of you are so special and wonderful!!!  

To quickly summarize, overall ...

57 of 71 of our swimmers placed top 10 in an individual event, medaling! 
65 of you scored points for the team, when including relays!
8 of you are NATIONAL CHAMPIONS in an individual event!
4 of our relays WON!

Just incredible!  I couldn't be happier and prouder!  We have made a big splash and the USMS World has noticed Palm Beach Masters!!!  

Please share the experience with your lanemates back at the pool ... encourage them to join us next time!


- 2019 Nationwide U.S. Masters Swimming Spring National Championship (SCY) - Mesa, Ariz., April 25-28, 2019 

- U.S. Masters Swimming Summer National Championship (LCM) - Mission Viejo, Calif., Aug. 7-11, 2019

Love you all!

~ Coach Linda



Nov 17, 2017:
Check out today's exciting, official, big announcement! ...

Palm Beach Masters is now a Swim Smooth squad!  Wahoo!


As many of you know ... in January 2017, I traveled across the globe to Perth, Australia to learn from Paul Newsome, the master-mind behind Swim Smooth and world expert at swimming video analysis and stroke correction. After 12 months of intensive study, I am excited to bring Swim Smooth to our swimmers & triathletes in South Florida as a Swim Smooth Certified Coach ... just 1 of 7 Swim Smooth certified coaches in the US and 1 of 30+ across the world!

Who is Swim Smooth...
Swim Smooth is the world's leading authority in adult swim coaching!   We fundamentally believe that every swimmer is an individual and should be treated as such. Swim Smooth's Swim Types coaching system recognizes that we are all built differently, that we come from a wide range of swimming backgrounds and experiences and even varied learning styles too. 

The International Triathlon Union (ITU) garnered Swim Smooth's services to re-write their entire swim coaching program for swimmers and triathletes just like you in 119 countries all around the world - pretty cool!  

So not only is Palm Beach Masters the USMS Club of the Year and best club for competitive masters swimmers ... we are now recognized as providing the best technique & training for our distance freestylers, triathletes, open water swimmers, and adults learning to swim!  Wahoo!

Watch for some exciting new training concepts coming to your Wahoo workout soon!

~ Coach Linda



P.S.  Swim Smooth Palm Beach premium services will be offered for those requiring extra special attention to their swim stroke technique.  Ask Coach Linda for a special discount code for our PBM Wahoo swimmers to use when booking a: 
   - Swim Smooth Stroke Clinic 
   - 1-2-1 Video Analysis & Stroke Correction Session 
   - Adult Learn to Swim Lesson
   - Private Lesson



Focus on the Exhale - Confessions of a Breath Holder


Earlier this year, I traveled to Australia for two weeks with nine other swim coaches selected from around the world to attend training to become a Swim Smooth Certified Coach.  Swim Smooth is recognized as having a uniquely effective swim coaching system and the world’s best adult swim and triathlon squad in Perth. One of the key takeaways from our intensive training was to learn Swim Smooth’s one-to-one video analysis and stroke correction process.  Practicing on each other was a great exercise in learning the process.

I grew up a swimmer, swimming competitively from age five through college, even participating in the US Olympic Trials.  For the learning exercise, I was paired with Peter, a triathlete and triathlon coach from New England.  I did not expect he’d find many flaws in my stroke.  Peter said I had a beautiful stroke, but surprisingly he pointed out something wrong with how I was breathing.  Difficulties breathing during swimming freestyle are often found with adults learning to swim, not with an experienced, lifelong swimmer like myself.

But, the video didn’t lie.  After inhaling and returning my face to the water, I was holding my breath for at least one stroke, sometimes two. Then I would exhale strongly into the water just before I took my next breath.  Wow! I was holding my breath … breaking a basic, learn-to-swim principle.

Maybe it’s ok since I was doing it, I thought.  Is it really that important?  Maybe there is some benefit to holding your breath when you swim?  Do I ride higher in the water?  So, I wondered and continued my studies to find answers.  Here’s what I learned.

First and foremost, it’s not what elite swimmers do. Underwater video of Rebecca Adlington, Katie Ledecky, Ian Thorpe, Michael Phelps and virtually all of the other great freestylers reveal that they release air through the nose immediately upon putting their faces back in the water after the breath.

Secondly, as your body uses oxygen, it creates carbon dioxide (CO2) as a waste product. When you hold your breath, a buildup of carbon dioxide in the blood occurs.  You then feel out of breath and the need to breathe. However, the sensation you feel is not the lack of oxygen, but it's actually that buildup of carbon dioxide. By holding your breath, you are keeping the carbon dioxide in your bloodstream and lungs.  Getting rid of the CO2 helps relieve the out-of-breath distress.  By breathing out constantly while your face is in the water, versus holding your breath, you can get rid of the carbon dioxide and no longer feel so out of breath.

Swimmers who don’t exhale properly will quickly feel winded, even though they probably aren’t really suffering oxygen debt. This is why many extremely fit athletes, often runners and triathletes, may feel that they can only swim a couple of lengths of the pool before exhaustion.  They’re holding their breath. 

And lastly, having lungs full of air can actually be bad for your body position. If your chest is too buoyant it causes your legs to sink in the water, creating extra drag.   Note to self, my legs were actually low in the water on the video.

As I thought about what I saw on the video of my freestyle stroke, I realized the impact that holding my breath might be having on swimming races. In the past year, I had some difficulties swimming long distance races.  I felt anxious at times and out of breath mid-race.  Embarrassingly, I even did a few open turns during a 1000 yd freestyle race at YMCA Short Course Nationals last year.  Something never ever done by a competitive swimmer. I hoped no one noticed.  Quite frankly, I thought I was just getting old and was simply out of shape, having not trained enough for the event.  But now I wondered, could it be because I was holding my breath?  It all began to make sense.

So just how much does holding our breath impact us? 

Try it now as you read this.  Hold your breath for a few seconds after breathing in …   Feel a bit of panic … a strong urge to breathe?  When you hold your breath, you tense up. Inefficient air exchange can create anxiety very quickly.

Think about when you walk, jog, or ride a bike.  Do you hold your breath at any time?  No.  You breathe naturally and rhythmically in and out.  On land our inhalations are always immediately followed by exhalations and vice versa.  There is no breath holding.

Developing a good breathing technique is perhaps the biggest challenge for many beginner swimmers.  They struggle becoming comfortable with their face in the water while swimming and with finding a rhythm to breathing in and out.

Swim Smooth taught me that the secret to freestyle breathing is good exhalation.  Exhaling constantly and continuously is fundamental for a good freestyle stroke technique.

Proper respiration when swimming should be no different than when jogging …  inhale and exhale in a continuous flow.   Whenever your face is in the water, exhale constantly and smoothly. When swimming you should always be exhaling except when you turn your head to inhale. You can exhale through your mouth or through your nose or through both, it doesn't matter. But when your face is in the water you should be exhaling all the time in one constant stream of bubbles.

I’ve also learned from my Swim Smooth certification training, the following two recommended breathing drills to relax and focus on exhalation … Sink Downs and Bubble, Bubble, Breathe.

SINK DOWNS is an excellent drill to do before your workout to release tension and remind yourself of the proper exhalation technique.  To do Sink Downs:

  • Tread water in the deep end of the pool.
  • Take a breath and bring your arms to your side or above your head to sink.
  • Let out a big sigh as you start to exhale. Try to sink straight down to the bottom of the pool.
  • Once your lungs are out of air, push off the bottom and come back to the surface.
  • If you struggle to sink, as I actually did when first doing this drill, you may be holding onto some of your breath.
  • If you sink a little but pop back up to the surface, you may need to exhale more quickly.
  • Once you feel comfortable with the exercise, take a breath and immediately sink down again.  Do three sink-downs in a row.

BUBBLE, BUBBLE, BREATHE is a drill that has you actually say the word “bubble” underwater to activate exhalation while you are swimming.  To do the Bubble, Bubble, Breathe drill:

  • Push off the wall and swim freestyle breathing bilaterally, every third stroke.
  • As your hand enters the water on the first stroke say “bubble”.
  • On the second stroke say “bubble” again.
  • And on the third stroke simply inhale.  No need to say “breathe” out loud. Say it in your head as you breathe.

After trying this for a couple of lengths, try swimming, exhaling continuously in a relaxed manner. Swim at a slow pace. Imagine you have all day to get to the other end. Your sole focus should be to make sure you are exhaling whenever your face is in the water.  If you catch yourself holding on to your breath, simply go back to the mantra “Bubble, Bubble, Breathe” with each stroke.

Be sure to also remember this technique when you swim in open water.  Anxiety when swimming in open water is common for many reasons and can lead to you holding your breath.  Holding your breath immediately increases your anxiety further, things start to feel out of control and you may feel a sense of panic.  Simply focus on “bubble, bubble, breathe” during your open water swim to relax and reduce your anxiety. You now have a great tool to use any time during any swim.

I used this newly-learned drill while swimming the Swanny Ocean Classic 2km race while in Perth.  I admit I was a bit nervous swimming in the ocean known for frequent large shark attacks.  The beaches in Australia have sirens to alert swimmers if lifeguards or helicopter patrol see sharks in the area!  At one point in the race, I was swimming well but suddenly got a bit nervous and panicky.  Honestly, I don’t know why.  Often open water plays tricks with our mind like that.  But, I began saying “bubble” out loud with each stroke when my face was in the water. The mantra helped me to relax, focus on exhaling, and took my anxiety away.

After months of consistently and consciously focusing on not holding my breath, I now often notice my strong exhalation when beginning to swim … and smile to myself.  I’m no longer holding my breath when I swim.  Oh, there are still sometimes when I will feel especially out of breath mid-race, or coming off the wall from a flip turn. In those cases, rather than slowing down to rest or doing an open turn, I blow out to get rid of the carbon dioxide, relax and focus on the exhale.  It always helps.

The trick is to not only get used to exhaling into the water but also to feel relaxed & natural doing it … without thinking about it.  And that just took time and practice, focusing on the exhale, and doing the recommended Swim Smooth breathing drills.  Be patient. It may take a while to become comfortable with it or to change your habit. But with time, you will find yourself relaxed, naturally breathing out to prepare for breathing in.

No matter what level of swimmer you are … an adult learning to swim, a physically fit triathlete, or a lifelong competitive swimmer… focus on the exhale.  Strive to breathe as easily in the water as on land and you will swim longer distances, faster and with less effort. 




Linda Bostic is the Head Coach of Palm Beach Masters, the 2017 USMS Club of the Year.  She is a USMS Level 4 Swim Coach; the 2016 recipient of the USMS Kerry O;Brien Coaches Award; a USAT Level 1 Triathlon Coach; and is a Swim Smooth Certified Coach. 



PBM Wins 2017 USMS Club of the Year!



I am so excited & proud to announce that at the
United States Aquatic Sports (USAS) Convention in Dallas, TX, 

Palm Beach Masters 

was awarded the

2017 USMS Club of the Year !


Congratulations to all our swimmers & coaches!
You are the best! 


~  Linda Irish Bostic
    Head Coach, Palm Beach Masters
    2017 USMS Club of the Year 




PBM places 4th at USMS Summer Nationals!


Congratulations to Palm Beach Masters 2017 Summer National Team ...

Eddie Ames, Mike Aubrey, Josh Berwald, Francois Caudrillier, Lee Childs, Alex Fisher, Maureen Fitzpatrick, Linda Irish Bostic, Sara Kirchner, Mike Lomonica Dan Lotano, Mary Moak, Roger Parsons, Stephanie Rock, George Schmidt, & Rebecca Smith!

Palm Beach Masters placed 4th in the Combined Local Club division of the USMS 2017 Summer Nationals!  I’m so excited and proud that we are bringing home another banner!

We took 16 swimmers to the National Championships in Minneapolis, MN, Aug 2-6th … 10 men & 6 women.  The Men placed 3rd place as a club & the Women placed 8th placed as a club … Overall 4th out of 170 local clubs!!!  Wahoo!!!

Click here for a list of our PBM National Team members and how they swam.  Click on their names for details on their swims, times, & places.  EVERYONE scored points for the team and came home with a medal.  We had such an amazing & fun time!

Check out our facebook page to enjoy lots of pictures and videos from the event!

AND … we want YOU for next year’s PBM National Team!  The USMS 2018 Spring National Championships will be May 10-13th in Indianapolis, IN. My goal is to take 75+ to this meet and make an even bigger splash than we ever have!  Who's in?!!!

All IN for Indy 2018!  WAHOO! 


Coach Linda earns Level 4 Certified Coach distinction with USMS


Congratulations to the newest USMS certified Level 4 Masters coaches- Michael Hamm, Linda Irish Bostic, Ally Sega, Richard Garza, Lance E Ogren and Megan Lassen.  

Coach Linda earns Level 4 Certified Coach distinction with USMS


Congratulations to the newest USMS certified Level 4 Masters coaches- Michael Hamm, Linda Irish Bostic, Ally Sega, Richard Garza, Lance E Ogren and Megan Lassen.  

PBM places 6th as Local Club at 2017 USMS Spring Nationals


Congratulations to Palm Beach Masters for placing 6th in the Local Club Division at the 2017 Spring U.S. Masters Swimming Nationals last weekend in Riverside, California.  

Over 2000 swimmers from 228 teams across the county and 23 Olympians competed at the swim meet!  Congratulations to our 33 Wahoowho made the commitment to swim their best representing Team Wahoo at the National Championship!

For those of y'all familiar with the story line ... we again beat New Albany Aquatic Club from Ohio  ... by just 1.5 points!  Last year we beat them by 4 points!  I love it!  Every Wahoo swim mattered!  So proud of you!

For those of you that don't want to miss the fun next spring, mark your calendars now for the 2018 USMS Nationals to be held on May 10-13th, 2018, in Indianapolis, IN!


~ Coach Linda



Coach Linda wins the 2016 USMS Kerry O'Brien Coaching Award

Pace Clock Winner: Palm Beach Masters

PBM places 9th at 2016 USMS Summer Nationals


We did it!!! Bringing home another banner!
9th Place Local Club at 2016 USMS Summer Nationals in Gresham, Oregon, with only 15 swimmers!
Yahoo Wahoo!!!

Coach Linda, Palm Beach Masters, & the Wahoo Wagon get global recognition!



The link above is a great article on the Female Coaching Network of me on our Palm Beach Masters program!   

Margot is one of our snowbird swimmers who swims with us seasonally at Aqua Crest.  Thanks, Margot!

Coach Linda




Palm Beach Masters places 3rd as Local Club at 2016 USMS Spring Nationals

A special note to our 2016 PBM National Team,  May 2nd, 2016

CONGRATULATIONS!!!  We came, we swam, we conquered!  3rd place!!!

I still can't beleive it!!!  Everytime I start to think about it ... it brings tears to my eyes!  I'm so happy!  THANK YOU!  I NEVER expected we would place 3rd to get our very first Top 10 Club Banner!!!   2 years ago at Santa Clara we placed 47th with 8 swimmers and last year at San Antonio we placed 91st with 4 swimmers!  

This year ... 3rd place by just 4 POINTS with 48 swimmers!!!  Amazing!
Here's a link to the combined Team RESULTS , if you are interested in who we beat!
The Women placed 4th and the Men placed 5th overall!  What a great, balanced team effort!  What a team!!!

AND we couldn't have done it without each and everyone of YOU!  THANK YOU for making the committment to go compete at USMS Nationals!  And what incredible cheering & support we had for our teammmates in the water!  So much fun!!!  The comraderie of our team is so wonderful to watch and experience!  Each of you are special!!!

Lastly, THANKS to Coach Grant for being there!  There's certainly no way I could have done it without you!  You're the best!

I will send out a big email to our entire team ... ALL our swimmers! ... to brag & recognize each of you on how well you did individually!  But to quickly summarize, overall ...

  • 46 of you scored points for the team!
  • 38 scored individual points for the team!
  • 12 of you are NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!
  • 6 of you WON an individual event ... we had 8 individual event National titles!
  • 5 of our relays WON!
  • 4 of you broke an AMERICAN RECORD on a relay together!

I couldn't be happier and prouder!  We rocked the USMS World!!!  THANK YOU!

And do share the experience with your lanemates back at the pool ... encourage them to join us next time!


1)  2016 U.S. Masters Swimming Summer National Championship
     Mount Hood Community College, Gresham, Oregon
     August 17-21, 2016
     Long Course Meters

2)  2017 Nationwide U.S. Masters Swimming Spring National Championship
     Riverside, California
     April 27-30, 2017
     Short Course Yards

3)  2017 U.S. Masters Swimming Summer National Championship
     University of Minnesota Aquatic Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota
     August 2-6, 2017
     Long Course Meters

Can wait to hang our banner at the pools!
Love you all!

~ Coach Linda


Palm Beach Masters expanding to Lake Lytal in May!

                    Jupiter - West Palm Beach - Delray Beach

I am very excited to announce that Palm Beach Masters will be expanding to the Lake Lytal pool in West Palm Beach next month!

On Wednesday, May 4th, we plan to begin early morning and evening workouts:

  • Mondays thru Fridays at 5:15am - 6:30am
  • Mondays & Wednesdays at 6:30pm - 7:45pm

In August, we plan to add a 2nd early morning workout from 6:30am - 7:45am and mid-day lunch time workouts.

The Lake Lytal pool is centrally located in the County ... just south of Palm Beach International Airport.

Lake Lytal Family Aquatic Center
3645 Gun Club Rd., 
West Palm Beach, FL 33406

You can expect the same quality workouts and great coaching that you've experienced with Palm Beach Masters!  This expansion will provide you the opportunity for:

  • A 3rd location to swim at!
  • New teammates to train & compete with!
  • New friends to socialize with!

Please help us spread this exciting news!


~ Linda Irish Bostic
   Head Coach, Palm Beach Masters

Palm Beach Masters 

Wahoo Triathlon Club 

Wahoo Life 

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It’s that time of year again ... for the USMS Speedo 1-Hour ePostal National Championship!  Hundreds of swimmers from around the country will compete to see how far they can swim in one hour's time in the month of January.

This year your Wahoo coaches are again organizing dedicated sessions for the One Hour Swim at both pools:

  • Saturday, Jan 23rd  7:15am – 9:45am (7 – 25 yd lanes, for up to 28 Swimmers) at Delray Beach
  • Saturday, Jan 30th  7:15am - 9:45am (12 - 25 yd lanes, for up to 48 swimmers) at Jupiter

Please RSVP here to reserve your lane on one of these Saturdays. You’ll swim for an hour (while someone counts & records your splits for you) and you’ll count & record splits for a swimmer for their hour swim.

Our preference is for swimmers to select one of the above Saturday times for your one hour swim. It'll be a great group effort and the swim will be easier with lots of teammates doing it all together.  We'll seed the 2 heats with a "faster" & "slower" heat, so you may have someone to pace with.

However, IF you are unable to do the swim on one of these Saturdays, then you can either bring someone to record your splits for you or our coach on deck will do their best to record them, while they coach during regular workout times next week, as listed below.  

  • Monday, Jan 25th  5:45am – 7:00am (2 – 25 yd lanes, 2 swimmers max) at Delray Beach
  • Monday, Jan 25th  7:00am – 8:15am (2 – 25 yd lanes, 2 swimmers max) at Delray Beach
  • Monday, Jan 25th  7:15pm – 8:30pm (2 or 3 – 25 yd lanes, 3 swimmers max) at Jupiter
  • Tuesday, Jan 26th  5:30am – 6:45am (2 or 3 – 25 yd lanes, 3 swimmers max) at Jupiter
  • Tuesday, Jan 26th  6:45am – 8:00am (2 or 3 – 25 yd lanes, 3 swimmers max) at Jupiter
  • Tuesday, Jan 26th 11:30am – 12:45pm (2 to 4 – 25 yd lanes, 4 swimmers max) at Jupiter
  • Tuesday, Jan 26th  6:15pm– 7:30pm (1 or 2 – 25 yd lanes, 2 swimmers max) at Delray Beach
  • Wednesday, Jan 27th  5:45am – 7:00am (2– 25 yd lanes, 2 swimmers max) at Delray Beach
  • Wednesday, Jan 27th  7:00am – 8:15am (2– 25 yd lanes, 2 swimmers max) at Delray Beach
  • Wednesday, Jan 27th  Noon – 1:15pm (2– 25 yd lanes, 2 swimmers max) at Delray Beach
  • Thursday, Jan 28th  5:30am – 6:45am (2 or 3 – 25 yd lanes, 3 swimmers max) at Jupiter
  • Thursday, Jan 28th 6:45am – 8:00am (2 or 3 – 25 yd lanes, 3 swimmers max) at Jupiter

Additionally, if NONE of the team organized times are good for you, swim anytime … and get a teammate, friend, or family member to count and write down your splits for you.  Split sheets are available here.

Some people swim the One Hour Postal event for competition, while others do it for fitness. Everyone who wishes to participate is welcome!

But we should all do it for the Team! Your Wahoo coaches would love 100% participation.  Let’s show the US Masters Swimming world who the Palm Beach Masters are! Wahoo!  In addition to competing individually against others in your age group, there’s a Club Division Championship for us to win … based upon the average yards swam per swimmer on a team!

Swimmer entry fee is $7 for USMS entry.  You must be registered with USMS prior to swimming the One Hour Swim.  After all swims, Coach Linda will enter your entry online for you to USMS using the group entry process.

For additional information on the 2016 Speedo USMS 1-Hour ePostal National Championships click HERE.

Remember, RESERVE YOUR LANE in advance.

How far will you go in an hour?  I hope you all will consider participating in this fun, annual event!  Wahoo!  

Want to kmow how far you swam in the past, ask Coach Linda.  We've kept results since 2010.

 Enjoy your swim!  

2016 Masters YMCA National Championship Swim Meet

Taken from an email dated 12/30/15.sent to all members of our LMSC from Barbara Prozman, Florida Gold Coast LMSC Registrar, FGRegistrar@usms.org

Mark your calendar!  The 2016 YMCA Masters National Championship Meet will be held April 14-17 in Sarasota, FL.  This year, the FGC LMSC is planning to go as one large team representing the YMCA of South Florida (Broward County YMCA).  In order to swim at YMCA Nationals, you must be a member of a YMCA and represent that YMCA. 

YMCA Nationals is a great national swimming event.  The meet is smaller than USMS Nationals (about 500-600 swimmers) so the days end at a reasonable time.  While there is very good competition, it is not as intense as USMS Nationals.  It is fun!   There are no qualifying times.  Everyone can enter a maximum of 12 individual events over the 4 days.  And for the diehard distance swimmers, you can enter both the 1000 and 1650 free which are on the 14th.

The Sarasota YMCA is a beautiful facility.  The pool is about 75 meters long by 25 yards wide and has two bulkheads that will be used to divide the pool into two 8-lane competition courses and about 10 lanes for warmup/warmdown.  There is ample free parking.  The meet is always very well run.

The meet information is currently available on www.ymcaswimminganddiving.org/masters2016.  Check out the order of events, but don’t enter yet.  You must join the YMCA first.  Individual entries will be done online this year, greatly simplifying things for the coaches.  They are planning to have a social on Saturday on the Siesta Key beach which should be great and give you the opportunity to watch a beautiful sunset over the Gulf. 

If you have never been to Sarasota, it is only a 3-hour drive from Broward County.  The beaches have the softest white sand.  It is a great meet to take along your spouse and make it a vacation.  You may want to go ahead and look into booking your hotel.  Feel free to share this information with any friends or family that live outside the area who may like to join us.

Debbie Cavanaugh and Barb Protzman will coordinate our YMCA memberships.  Do not join the Y on your own unless you are already a member.  We will be providing detailed information on joining through the L.A. Lee Family Branch to help benefit this location in an economically disadvantaged area of Fort Lauderdale.  This special membership will meet the minimum membership requirements for the meet at the lowest cost possible.  Information will be sent out to everyone early next year.

All the coaches will meet to put together the relays for the meet.  We plan to make the relays the fastest and best across all the teams.  We also plan to have a Y team T-shirt and swim cap for everyone to buy at a very low price.

We have four main objectives for the meet:

  • Have fun!
  • Swim fast!
  • Build FGC LMSC camaraderie.
  • Beat Sarasota!

Look for more details coming soon.

Wahoo Holiday Party

You're Invited 
To Our Palm Beach Masters
Holiday Party

Sunday, Dec 20th, 2015
4pm - 8pm

At the home of Sabina Cowie, a "Fighting Manatee",
119 Via Castilla, Jupiter, FL  33458  (in Paseos)

Please bring a dish to share.

Liquor & mixers will be provided.  
Bring your own beer, wine, or favorite mixer, if preferred.

Please text Sabina, (561) 707-7362, to RSVP
& with what you would like to bring
... so we don't have "35 trays of chocolate chip cookies".  


P.S.  It's also Coach Linda's Birthday!!!  :)



Wahoo Tri Club rock the 2015 Loggerhead Triathlon

CONGRATULATIONS to all of Team Wahoo who participated in the 2015 Loggerhead Triathlon on Saturday, Aug 1st ... aka Jupiter's World Championships!!! 

Enjoy this great video of the Wahoo team at the race put together by Kiwami!  It's a must watch!  


Race Results can be found at: http://sommersports.com/Results/2015-Race-Results/Loggerhead-Triathlon-Race-Results

We rocked the race and dominated the podium stand!  So proud! WAHOO!


Wahoo Tri Club at the 2015 Loggerhead Triathlon


(An email dated 9/26/2014 to existing North County Masters of Jupiter swimmers)

I’m excited to announce some recent Wahoo M&A activity!
Effective Oct 1st, Wahoo Nation is expanding to the Aqua Crest Pool in Delray Beach, FL!!!

What does this mean to you as a member of the North County Masters of Jupiter?  

1)  Our club name will be changing to ... Palm Beach Masters!

Don't worry, we're still the WAHOO!  
And our logos remain basically the same.

2)  Our website and social media sites have been updated to reflect the new name and additional pool location.

  • www.PalmBeachMasters.org   Note: ncmj.org will still work and point to our website.
  • Like us on Facebook! Palm Beach Masters Swimming & Wahoo Triathlon Club  facebook.com/PalmBeachMasters
  • Follow us on Twitter! @PBM_Wahoo   twitter.com/PBM_Wahoo

3)  You can swim at the Masters workouts at both pools!  Several of you who live in Jupiter and work in the south Palm Beach County area, have asked ... and yes you can!

Below are our Masters workout times at the Aqua Crest Pool, 2503 Seacrest Blv, Delray Beach, 33444:

  • Mondays thru Fridays: 5:45am-6:45am and 7:00am-8:00am
  • Saturdays: 7:30am–9:00am
  • Mondays thru Thursdays: 6:00pm–7:00pm

The workouts will be the same for both locations.  So, for example, the workout we do on Tuesday morning at Jupiter, will be the same workout done at Aqua Crest on Tuesday morning!

4)  I will still be on deck at the North County pool for the same number of workouts that I have always regularly coached.  As the Head Coach of the Palm Beach Masters, I've hired 3 new assistant coaches to help me cover the workouts at Aqua Crest.

  • CJ Pisano
  • Thaddeus Gamory
  • Suzie Easey

I'm excited about adding each of them to our Wahoo coaching staff and look forward to you meeting them too!

5)  When the 2015 USMS renewal opens Nov 1st, Palm Beach Masters (PBM) will be an official club to choose.  All current North County Masters of Jupiter members will be prompted to re-join as a Palm Beach Masters (PBM).  Additionally, I'm working with the USMS office to ensure NCMJ is correctly associated with PBM ... as a name & abbreviation change vs. a club change.

6)  You'll have new, additional teammates at swim meets and triathlons!   Great for our Palm Beach Masters relays, team points, "wahoo's" along the race course, and the fun camaraderie of our team!

Please, please, please spread the word and share this information with your friends who might like to swim with us in the South County area!   Attached are 2 updated flyers.

Thanks as always for your support. I'll be busy, busy in the coming months ...
   Go Princeton Tigers Football !!! 
   Go Wahoo !!!

~   Linda Irish Bostic
     Head Coach, Palm Beach Masters

New Masters Swimming at Aqua Crest

(An email dated 9/25/2014 to current, former, & interested Masters swimmers at Aqua Crest Pool)

Hi everyone,

My name is Linda Irish Bostic and I met some of you at the pool last week.  I will be the new Head Coach of the Masters Swimming program at the Aqua Crest Pool in Delray Beach.  I was given your name & email address as a current, former, or interested Masters Swimmer at Aqua Crest.  I hope you don’t mind me emailing you to share the exciting news of what’s happening with the Masters Program effective next Wednesday, Oct 1st.

I strongly believe it can be a viable service to the South County community …  at lower prices and with outstanding, well-paid coaches!  I have developed an excellent relationship with Palm Beach County’s Aquatics Dept over the past 5 years and look forward to their full support of our program.  I plan to grow the program and make it as successful as we all know it can be!  WE can make it happen and have a heck of a lot of fun doing so!

So, I’m excited to announce and share the following details..


        Mondays thru Fridays:        5:45am-6:45am
        Saturdays:                        7:30am–8:45am
        Mondays thru Thursdays:   6:00pm–7:00pm     

  • Yes, the early morning practice time is starting 15 min earlier.  I hope that many who need to get their swim in before work, will be able to do that by shifting the time slightly earlier.  
  • Additionally, I encourage each of you to arrive to the workout on time … so that we can have a productive workout starting & staying together.
  • Swimmers will be divided into 3 groups (Wahoo, Loggerheads, & Manatee) ... based on your ability & speed … so that each workout is customized for you.  
  • We’ll establish lanes fastest to slowest, left to right.  
  • Coaches will actively coach on deck, leading the workout, and giving feedback to swimmers.
  • If you’re used to “doing you own thing”, you will be able to still do so, in an appropriate lane.  However, I encourage you to try some of our workouts!
  • Additionally, you will have access to also attend any of the Masters workouts at the North County Aquatic Complex in Jupiter.


  • $50 /month per individual, swim unlimited
  • $25 /month per individual, swim once per week or for ½ month
  • $75 /month per married couple, swim unlimited

Yes, monthly dues are going down!  Wahoo!


  • Linda Irish Bostic, Head Coach   Click here for a link to my swimming & coaching bio.   I will write all of the workouts.
  • CJ Pisano
  • Thaddeus Gamory
  • Suzie Easey

I’m excited about our coaching staff and look forward to you getting to know then all better! 


The club will be named the Palm Beach Masters (PBM) and will merge with the North County Masters of Jupiter team, which currently has 170 USMS members.  When the 2015 USMS renewal opens Nov 1st, Palm Beach Masters will be an official club to choose for you to be a member of.  If you have an existing relationship with another USMS Club, just let me know your plans.


Register on our website at www.PalmBeachMasters.org to get on our email distribution list, sign the County waiver, and see your monthly payments on your account, etc.  Simply click on JOIN at the top of the webpage.


Like us on Facebook!  Palm Beach Masters Swimming & Wahoo Triathlon Club


Follow us on Twitter!    @PBM_Wahoo



I hope you will stay or come see first hand what the new Masters program at Aqua Crest is all about.  Give it a try.   Whether you are a beginner wanting a fitness program, a lap swimmer seeking variety, a competitive swimmer looking for a team, or a triathlete needing to improve your swim leg …  there is a place for you as a member of the Palm Beach Masters at Aqua Crest..  I’m excited and think you will REALLY like what you find with the new program.

Attached is a flyer.  Please spread the word and share this information with your friends who swim, want to come back to swim, or would like to swim with us.

Thanks in advance for your support.  I’m always available to discuss your suggestions and ideas.  I want to know what you want in your Masters Swimming program!

I look forward to seeing you at the pool this coming Wednesday!  

   Linda Irish Bostic
   Head Coach, Palm Beach Masters

Results - June Krauser Summer Splash Swim Meet

The first swim meet that our team hosted at our pool was a big success!

More than 160 swimmers participated in the 9th Annual June Krauser Summer Splash masters swim meet at the North County Aquatic Complex on July 26-27th, 2014.  The meet was co-hosted by North County Masters of Jupiter Wahoo (NCMJ) and Swim Ft. Lauderdale Masters (SFTL).  Over 50 Wahoo competed ... most of them swimming in a meet for the very first time in their lives and a handful for the first time since they were kids!  

The RESULTS of the swim meet can be found here.  Take a look at the results and all the great swims by your teammates!  Meet results can also be found on the app for your phone, Meet Mobile.

- Dave Quiggin, who trains with us, but represents GOLD at swim meets, broke the Masters WORLD RECORD in the 100 free for 70-74 year old men with a time of 1:04.60!  Congratulations, Dave!

- 106 new NCMJ individual club records set or broken over the weekend!  NCMJ Club Records can be found here.  (The file will be updated soon with the long course season results!)

- Lots of pictures are out on our facebook page www.facebook.com/NorthCountyMasters

- Team Wahoo was the big winner in total team points at the swim meet:
        Team Total  Men  Women
   1.  NCMJ  966   468   476
   2.  GOLD  746   455   291
   3.  SFTL   644   201   381 
   4.  WOW  191   103    66

- For next year, Swim Fort Lauderdale Masters has challenged North County Masters to a Dual Meet within the 2015 June Krauser swim meet!  You know I want to WIN that!!!  So EVERYONE schedule your vacations around the meet & plan on swimming in next year's meet to be held in Jupiter again!

All in all, everyone had a so much fun swimming and getting to know their teammates better.  It was a great weekend! Our next meet in Jupiter will be the Inaugural Snag Holmes Masters Invitation in March 2015.

Thanks to all of you who participated in the meet ... as swimmers, volunteers, or cheerleaders!  We couldn't have done it without everyone!  A special thanks to the following for their contributions to the success of the meet.  These folks below made it look easy!

  • Marty Hendrick & Linda Bostic: Meet Directors
  • Ed Webb: Meet Referee & Starter
  • Michelle Murasko & Mike Hart: Stroke & Turn Official
  • Charlie Smithwick & Keddy Bostic: Timing equipment
  • Beth Coleman & her husband: HyTech equipment
  • Kristin Volz: Assistant Meet Director & Awards
  • Michael Coady: Equipment setup
  • Ali Etemadi:  Hospitality
  • Snag Holmes: Announcer
  • Grant Whitcomb & Jake Mills:  Wahoo coaching  :)

If swimming in our meet got you excited about swimming in meets ... the next swim meet to be held in the Florida Gold Coast area will be in Wellington, FL on Sunday, September 14th! (short course meters). More info to come!

SO proud of everyone!


Why Aren't You Swimming?!!!

Everyone knows that swimming is one of the best exercises for adults as they age into becoming …”more adult”.  But did you know just how good it is for you and how easy it is to get involved in a U.S. Masters Swimming program in the paradise we call home?

First, let’s cover the required bases as to why it’s one of the best exercises for adults.

Swimming …

  • uses all muscle groups and is easier on joints than impact sports.
  • is refreshing. Your body is cooler and more comfortable training in the water than on land.
  • reduces stress and just makes you feel happy all day.
  • is a calorie burner and improves weight maintenance.
  • makes your heart a better and more efficient pump.
  • improves your sleep.
  • Improves your flexibility.
  • lowers blood pressure & bad cholesterol.
  • Reduces your risk for heart disease and diabetes.
  • reduces chronic pain, particularly from arthritis.
  • develops lung capacity and helps COPD and asthma.
  • is the fountain of youth and slows down the aging process.
  • allows you to exercise when pregnant.
  • eliminates the risk of falling or being hit by a car.

But, as we adults know, just because something is physically good for you doesn’t make it good enough of an argument to get us doing it.

So, the social benefits of a Masters swimming program are at least equally compelling:

  • You’ll become friends with a knowledgeable coach who will help you swim better and meet your goals.
  • It’s a fun, healthy activity that can be continued for a lifetime and enjoyed with friendly people of all ages.
  • All different levels of ability can exercise in the same pool at the same time.
  • It’s uniting, not dividing – we all rest at the same pool wall.
  • It’s adaptable – you can do different workouts depending on how you feel.
  • There are toys such as kickboards, pull buoys, fins, and snorkels to make the workouts different and fun.
  • You can do it when it’s dark, cold, hot, or raining outside.
  • You get used to seeing yourself in a swimsuit
  • You’ll make new great, smart, & interesting friends.  

It’s just plain fun and the spirit of a Master’s swim program becomes as much of a social club as an exercise club.  Workouts and swim meets have an inclusive camaraderie feel and club socials have a common interest that brings everyone together.


So, why aren’t you swimming?  Our North County Masters of Jupiter (NCMJ) program offers all of the physical and social benefits already mentioned and a schedule that is hard to not work for just about anyone.

Adult swimmers of all abilities are welcome, whether you’re currently just able to make it one length of the pool or you are an accomplished triathlete looking to improve the swim leg or your sport.  Customized workouts satisfy all needs.  And our workout schedule has many, many choices: 

  • You can be an early riser and hit the pool Tuesdays thru Fridays starting at 5:30 am or 6:45 am.
  • You can sleep in or get an early run or ride in on Saturdays and still swim with us at 8:00 am or 9:15 am.
  • You can make it during your lunch break or when the kids are in school by swimming on Tuesdays & Thursdays mid-day at 11:30 am.
  • Or you can wind up the day with a swim workout on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 7:15 pm.
  • And for something a bit different, you can join us for regularly scheduled open water swims in the intracoastal and/or the ocean.

All the details about the North County Masters of Jupiter can be found on www.NCMJ.org.

So, … “Why aren’t you swimming? … with us!”


About the Author

Linda Irish Bostic is the founder and head coach of the North County Masters Wahoo and the Wahoo Triathlon Club in Jupiter, FL.  She is a USMS Level 3 & ASCA certified coach.  Linda is a former top competitive swimmer, finalist at the 1980 US Olympic Trials, US National Team member, and NCAA All-American Swimmer. She recently got back into the water of competitive swimming and holds several USMS National Top 10 rankings.  The North County Masters club offers top-notch coaching to swimmers of all experience levels, while making swimming fun with a great group of people!




WE are co-hosting a Masters swim meet with Swim Ft. Lauderdale Masters at our pool this summer on July 26 & 27th! Please mark your calendars and plan on swimming in and volunteering at the meet. 

Online Registration is NOW OPEN!  

  • July 26-27 / LCM: June Krauser Summer Splash. Jupiter FL Information & online entry (preferred) | Information & paper entry. Entry deadine: paper entries received by Tuesday, July 22; online entry closes Wednesday, July 23; deck entries only if open lanes available and with extra fee

Please review the meet information for the order of events and note that the 1500 mtr (1 mile) swim is limited to the first 21 swimmers who enter.  Register early!   

Competitors may enter up to a maximum of five (5) individual events per day. Participation Ribbons will be available as well as Tri-Fold cards will be provided for the placement of Award Labels as a race record for all. Male/Female Age Group High Point & “1st Timer” USMS Swimmer Male/Female High Point will be awarded.

This will be the very first USMS meet held at the North County Aquatic Complex and is a great opportunity for EVERYONE to swim in a Masters meet. No excuses! …

  • I can’t dive off the blocks and/or keep my goggles on! We’ll practice starts off the blocks at our workouts leading up to the meet. OR you can start in the water, if you don’t want to dive from the blocks.
  • I’m not good enough or a fast enough swimmer! Guess what, all USMS swimmers are not fast. And I bet you’ll beat someone! Heats are seeded slowest to fastest regardless of your age. So you’ll be swimming with others your same speed. However, finish places are awarded based upon your age group (typical 5 year increments).
  • I have Home Depot chores that day! The meet will begin at 10am each day, with warm-up beginning at 9am. The meet should only last a few hours each day. Bring the spouse and/or kids to the pool to cheer you on and help volunteer at the meet.
  • I’m not registered with USMS! You must be registered with USMS to participate in the meet! Additionally, all participants in our masters swimming workouts MUST be USMS registered. SO, not a good excuse at all. Join or renew your USMS membership here now.  Our LMSC is "Florida Gold Coast" and our team abbreviation is "NCMJ".
  • I’m not a swimmer!  We’re all swimmers. Do something different, swim in a swim meet, check it off your bucket list and have some fun!
  • I don’t know what my time is to enter an event? Just ask a coach to help you determine your seed time. We’ll happily help you. And after swimming the race, you'll know your time and have a new PR!
  • It's not for me. Try it this year, you might like it!  Support the team and register for our meet. IF you really don’t like it, don't swim next year. But we ask that everyone get involved and support the Masters program this year for our inaugural swim meet.

Thanks to everyone in advance, for making our inaugural Masters swim meet a success!


Free Skin Cancer Screening

Spot Skin Cancer!

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month and our fellow Masters Swimmer, Dr. Shauna Kranendonk, MD, will be offering you a free skin cancer screening at the pool this Saturday morning. PLEASE consider getting a quick skin screening exam and share this opportunity with your family & friends.


MAY 17TH, 2014



Skye Center for Dermatology will be offering FREE skin cancer screening exams to the public!  Appointments are not being taken.

Screenings are offered on a first come, first served basis.
Please contact the Skye Center for Dermatology office for any questions 561-820-0155.



Wahoo Tri Club's Inaugural Training Team for the 2014 Loggerhead Triathlon

Are you a triathlete or aspiring triathlete?

Join the inaugural Wahoo Triathlon Club's Training Team for the 2014 Loggerhead Triathlon ... a sprint distance triathlon scheduled for Aug 2, 2014, in Juptier! 

For $200 you'll get a 3 month training plan, 2 weekly group training sessions, clinics, technique coaching, & race strategy from a USAT Level 1 Certified Coach.  AND, as part of this package, you'll get 3 months of unlimited use of the North County Masters swim program and coaches to learn from (a $135 value)! 

Here's our group training schedule for the next 3 months through race day:

Saturday's 7am at Carlin Park for a Group ride
Wednesday's 7pm at Carlin Park for a Group Run 

There will be clinics and at least 1 open water swim added to this schedule as well.

You'll have unlimited contact with your coach by e-mail, phone or text for specific questions anytime during the program.

Interested? Next Steps:

1)  Join the Wahoo Triathlon Club, go to www.WahooTriClub.org .

2)  Join this training group to prepare for the 2014 Loggerhead Triathlon, contact Steve Griffith at griffsj1@aol.com or 561-329-9454 cell. 

3) Check your equipment - is your bike tuned up and ready to go? Do you have a helmet (can't ride with the team without one!), shoes in good shape? Swim goggles, sun glasses, running hat, polyester run shirt and running/biking socks?

4) Watch for the Loggerhead Triathlon registration to open online - should be open in early May. It WILL sell out quickly!   Registration fee for the race is not part of this package.

5) Check the Masters swim schedule - find the sessions that work for you and start swimming now!

6) Plan to be at Carlin Park next Saturday (May, 3rd) at 7am and ready to ride. Please bring a check for $200.00 for the program.

7) Tell your friends - let's build a fun team!

See you on Saturday!

Coach Steve Griffith
 TRI Coaching & Consulting
 561-329-9454 cell

Our WAHOO Stores are NOW OPEN!


To order North County Masters SWIMMING apparel go to the Team Store page of our website for customized WAHOO swim suits and apparel!

  • Browse the online swim team store and see all the customized items available in various colors and all sizes offered.
  • Order online any time, pay with your credit card, and have it delivered directly to your house.
  • No minimums or bulk orders.
  • Custom orders take 10-15 business days to process. 
  • All custom merchandise sales are final. ?No return or exchanges are allowed on any customized apparel or team suits.
  • You can also shop by category in The Swim Team Store for anything else you may need … goggles, a snorkel, etc. … before checking out.

To order North County WAHOO TRIATHLON CLUB apparel go to the Apparel subpage of the Triathlon Club page of our website for customized Wahoo Tri Kits and accessories!

  • The online order window is now OPEN until midnight on April 20th, 2014.
  • Orders placed in the initial order window will have a guaranteed sponsor discount on the Tri Tops, Tri Shorts, and Tri Suits based on our Sponsor income. 
  • Discounts are expected to be between $50-$120 per tri kit. The discount amount will depend on how many members place an order and cannot be calculated until the order window closes on April 20th. 
  • Your credit card WILL NOT be charged UNTIL your invoice is revised with your discount after April 20th. (Regardless of what the automated invoice/receipt states when checking out.) You will receive a revised invoice/receipt via email with your discount applied and the final invoice amount to be charged to your credit card.
  • Remember, IF you brought in a sponsor, you will also be credited with 15% of the sponsor amount (in addition to the above expected discount).
  • Choose your items carefully as they are custom made for you and cannot be returned. 
  • Use the size charts to determine your size, by comparing to a tri kit that fits you well.
  • Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery from the time that our club order is placed. 
  • Our club order will be shipped together and distributed at the pool.
  • Future order windows will open in May & August.

Any questions?  Contact Coach Linda at LindaBostic@gmail.com or 561-373-1440.

~ Enjoy!



Swim Meet Schedule

For those of you interested in competing in swim meets, below is information on the current 2014 schedule of meets. We expect and hope more meets within our Florida Gold Coast LSMC (Palm Beach, Broward, Dade & the Keys) will be added. Check the EVENTS page for hyperlinks to meet information & registration, and for updates throughout the year.


  • Feb. 28-Mar. 2 / SCY: 21st Annual Masters Challenge. Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Entries must be received by Feb 24th.
  • Apr. 10-13 / SCY: YMCA Masters Nationals. Sarasota, FL. NCMJ will be swimming for the Broward Y with GOLD. Important deadlines!... 1) Must send Broward Y registration to Deb Cavanaugh by Feb 15th with $40.   2) Send meet entry to Deb Cavanaugh by Mar 3rd.
  • May 1-4 / SCY: USMS Short Course Championships. Santa Clara, CA. Go to Spring Nationals and enjoy a vacation in California!!! You can swim up to 3 events without meeting qualifying times!? Team Wahoo will mostly by staying at the Santa Clara Hilton. Book hotel early to get group rates. Book flights soon, currently $300-350 round trip.
  • Aug. 2-9 / LCM: FINA Masters World Championships. Montreal, Canada. ?Go to Worlds!!!
  • Aug. 13-17 / LCM: USMS Long Course Championships. College Park, MD
  • Nov 1-10 Swimming date TBA / SCY: Senior Games Martin County?




2014 George Quigley Swim Clinics scheduled


Coach George Quigley will conduct his annual swim clinics on:

  • Saturday, March 8th 9:15am - Noon:  Freestyle Stroke Technique (Part 1) in classroom with pool time afterwards to practice with feedback from coaches.
  • Saturday, March 15th 9:15am - Noon:  Freestyle Stroke Technique (Part 2) in classroom with more time in pool afterwards for group drills.
  • Saturday, March 22nd 9:00am - 10am:  Freestyle Flip Turns and how to do better open turns

Anyone is welcome, so invite your friends!  The Swim Clinics are free to all current North County Masters. Non-members can attend for $25, which includes 2 weeks of swimming with our Masters program from Mar 8th - 22nd.

Spread the word!

~ Wahoo!



New Monday morning open water swim


Announcing a new Monday morning practice!  Monday mornings open water swimming at daylight before sunrise (~6:30am), 1.2 mile Intracoastal swim, across the street from Coral Cove Park ,1600 Beach Rd.,Tequesta (on Jupiter Island).

We’ll enjoy the open water swim with our friends from Tri Bike Run (formerly Tri Running Sports). The air & water may be a bit chilly at times. If you have a wetsuit, it's a good opportunity to practice in it. If you don't, it'll be refreshing and a great swim! Water temperature is approximately 75 degrees.

Check our online CALENDAR to confirm start times for each Monday.

Below is a list of all currently scheduled weekly North County Masters swim workouts...


- Mondays at daylight (currently 6:30am), Intracoastal across from Coral Cove Park, Jupiter Island

- Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 5:30am & 6:45am
- Tuesdays & Thursdays at 11:30am 
- Mondays & Wednesdays at 7:15pm 
- Saturdays at 8:00am & 9:15am




Palm Beach County's Cold Weather Policy

It's winter in South Florida ... temperatures have dropped into the 40's some nights.  The good news is that our pool is heated and feels great to swim in.  However, when the air temperatures get too low for too long, the pool will not be opened for our early morning workouts.  To help you understand what to expect, here's the county's cold weather policy..

Palm Beach County's cold weather policy to not remove the pool covers if the temperature is expected to be colder than 50 degrees for several hours with winds. This policy allows the pool to maintain optimal temperatures throughout the day. Once the water temperature starts dropping due to exposure to cold air and wind, it is very difficult to warm it back up and maintain it at the 79 - 82 degree water temperature target.

Decisions are made each afternoon based on the hourly temperature forecast for the following morning. Temperature, wind, and number of hours below 50 degrees are taken into consideration.  The pool manager communicates pool closings to the coaches and we will immediately email and text our current Masters Swimmers registered in our program.

To receive emails & text messages be sure your contact information is correct and entered in our team's database at JoinNCMJ.  Additionally, the Calendar will be updated, a post placed on our North County Masters facebook wall and a tweet will go out on NCMJ_Wahoo's twitter account.

On days when workouts are cancelled for the early morning hours, you are permitted to swim at the pool later in the day once it opens at no entry fee cost, if you have paid for the Masters program that month.  Additionally, our coaches will add an 11:30am mid-day workout that day, if not already on the calendar.

Keep swimming & feeling good through the winter months ... the water's warm and feels great!





It’s that time of year again for the 2014 USMS Speedo One Hour Postal National Championship. Hundreds of swimmers from around the country will compete to see how far they can swim in one hour's time in the month of January.

This year we are organizing 3 dedicated sessions for an hour swim at the pool:

  • Sunday, Jan 12th 3:30pm - 6:00pm (4 - 50 mtr lanes, 8 Swimmers per hour)
  • Saturday, Jan 18th 7:15am - 9:45am (8 - 25 mtr lanes, 16 swimmers per hour)
  • Saturday, Jan 25th 7:15am - 9:45am (8 - 25 mtr lanes, 16 swimmers per hour)

Please RSVP here to reserve your lane.

You’ll swim for an hour (while someone counts and records your splits for you) and you’ll count for another swimmer for an hour.

Some people swim the One Hour Postal event for competition, while others do it for fitness. All who wish to participate are welcome!

But we all should do it for the Team! Our goal is 100% participation … let’s show the US Masters Swimming world who the North County Masters of Jupiter are! In addition to competing individually against others in your age group, there’s a Team Championship for us to win … based upon the average yards swam per swimmer on a team!

Swimmer entry fee is $7 for USMS entry. You must be registered with USMS prior to swimming the One Hour Swim. IF we have 20 or more NCMJ swimmers participate, Coach Linda will enter your entry online for you to USMS through the group entry process.

We may have other opportunities throughout the month to participate as well. Let me know if you are interested in doing the One Hour Swim and are unable to make it to 1 of the 3 sessions. We can work on arranging another session based upon feedback.

For additional information on the 2014 Speedo USMS One Hour Postal National Championship, click HERE.

To join or renew your USMS membership for 2014 click here .  The annual fee is $42.

I hope all of you will consider participating in this fun event! Wahoo!



2013 Year in Revew

Happy New Year!  Wahoo!

2013 was another big year for our team! Thanks to our wonderful swimmers & coaches and beautiful pool facilities, we've continued to build our program.

2013 in Review:

  • Started Monday 6pm "dry land" Pilates with Julia
  • Offered 2 clinics with Coach George Quigley in February
  • Had some fun team Happy Hours at Dirty Martini, Jupiter Beach Resort, & Burger Bar (got to do more of those in 2014!)
  • Kicked "old person's butts" at the Senior Games in PB Gardens & Martin County
  • Had big participation in the local ocean swims ... PB County Ocean Mile in May & July and Aaron Vaughn Memorial Frogman Swim in Jensen Beach
  • Opened our Wahoo Team Store with customized team merchandise
  • 5 Wahoo swam great at USMS Nationals (Let's double the number going to Nationals in 2014)
  • Jan Walker completed 314 miles in less than 10 days in the Vol State Road Race
  • Wahoo dominated the Loggerhead Triathlon in August
  • Many of our Triathletes completed their first Sprint, Olympic, 1/2, & Full Ironman race!
  • Wahoo made a big splash at Florida Gold Coast swim meets. "They" know NCMJ!
  • Grant Whitcomb joined our coaching staff ... on deck many mid-days & evenings.
  • 66 new swimmers joined our program.
  • Grateful to have 13 Masters workouts a week, 52 weeks of year, outdoors in beautiful Jupiter, FL !!!
  • We thank you for your support over the past year, and look forward to a great future.

Let the coaches know what your goals are for 2014 ... and let's make it happen!

See you at the pool!

~ Coach Linda



NCMJ Launches New Website & Database

After years of consideration, I have finally decided to go with Club Assistant as our online membership management solution. Their Online Club & Team Management software focuses on membership communications via emails & websites and financial tracking & reporting. Club Assistant has been working with aquatic clubs since 2001 in all 50 states.

As of Dec 18th, 2013, our NCMJ.org website is new and improved with lots of great features.

Please register online in our team database asap by clicking on the Join NCMJ link above. Please do so within the next week, it'll only take a minute or so.

When registering, you'll create a password to access your member area. In the member area, you'll be able to keep your contact information updated, check your payment history, etc. Be sure to remember your login name & password. You'll be able to access the member area from a Login area on the Join NCMJ page.

Once everyone is registered, our coaches will be able to easily send mass emails to our team, track monthly payments, and print reports to provide to the County Pool Manager.

New swimmers will be able to join our Masters program by easily registering online.

The process of paying monthly dues will remain the same.  You can still choose to 1) pay by either check or cash and hand to a coach on deck, 2) pay by credit card in the pool office, or 3) setup your bank to automatically mail a check each month to the pool. I had hoped to add automatic credit card billing, but the County did not approve my request.

The updated Calendar page will have listed all workouts for each day.  This will be very important during the holidays when the college teams are in town and we will have some changes to our normal workout times.

I hope you all enjoy the new website and database features.  And I look forward to an up-to-date website & email distribution list ... better communications in the new year, 2014!