Swim Smooth Clinics

There are no upcoming Swim Smooth Palm Beach Clinics or Camps scheduled at this time.


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Our latest reviews:

" ... The clinic was an amazing opportunity for me and I'm grateful to Swim Smooth for training instructors all over the world. Your program rocks!! (but you already knew that). A special thank you to Linda and Mike for dedicating all that time to become certified Swim Smooth instructors. You two are SO dedicated and to helping other people swim better. Also, your enthusiasm is infectious.

I've been to swimsmooth.com over the past few months and always wanted to be videotaped like they do in Australia. So when I got the email I responded right away and secured my spot. I was amazed at how a clinic with 12 people could be so specifically tailored to each of our needs. I can't say enough good things about the clinic. And I will recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their stroke." ~ H.B.