We've got a new system to RESERVE WORKOUTS starting December 20th, 2020. And we are super excited!  

Click on the link below
to watch a VIDEO TOUR of the new Wahoo App:



Open your camera on your phone and point it at the QR code below.  
The Wahoo APP URL will pop up.  Tap it.

NOTE: IF your camera doesn't read the QR code above, OR you are reading this email on your phone ... enter the URL in your browser, and continue with the directions below.

Follow directions below, depending on which phone you have.

    ...  iOS users (iphone or ipad):  
      - Tap the share icon (square w up arrow) at the bottom middle of your window
      - Scroll down & Tap Add to Home Screen 
      - Tap Add

     ... Android users:
      - Tap the menu icon (3 dots) in the upper right-hand corner
      - Scroll down and tap Add to Home Screen OR Install App
      - Tap the + or check button at the top right.


AFTER you have the Wahoo APP button on your phone or tablet, THEN:
- Click on the button to open it.  
- You'll be prompted to Enter your Email Address, and press Continue.
- Go to your email inbox to get the PIN just sent to you.
- Come back to the APP and you'll be prompted to Enter the PIN, and press Continue.

AND YOU'RE IN!  Wahoo!  Enjoy!  

Move the Wahoo APP button to your first screen, so you always see it!  It'll make you smile!

Be sure to update your MY PROFILE!  :)

Once installed correctly, you'll never have to enter your email address or PIN again.

DON'T WORRY ... IF you have any problems, bring your phone to the pool and your coach will happily help you get the Wahoo APP all set up and running and show you how to use it.

ALSO ... you can install the new
WAHOO Reservation System on your COMPUTER!  

Just copy the Wahoo app URL: 
and enter it into your browser.  Save to your desktop.

But it's much better on your phone ... TRY IT, YOU'LL LIKE IT.  I promise!

A couple of common human errors when installing:

1)  You MUST install it to your home screen BEFORE you login w your email adress and PIN emailed to you.   Otherwise, it will continue to ask you for your email address and a PIN every time.

2)  IF it says the PIN is incorrect, if not a typo ... then you've likely requested a second PIN be sent to you and you've gotten ahead of receiving the next PIN email.  

3).  IF you continue to have problems.  Wait a while.  Try again.    
IF you continue to have problems,  delete Wahoo APP button from your phone.  And start over to re-install. 

4).  The Wahoo APP is NOT in the APP STORE.  It's a 3rd party app.  

MY GIFT TO YOU this year is the new WAHOO APP!  
I hope you all enjoy it!
It should make reserving workouts each week much much easier! 
~ The Wahoo Life! ~


The previous way to Reserve A Workout on our website will no longer be used as of December 20th, 2020.  (My birthday!)

Let me know what issues you have or enhancements you would like to see!  

AND ... more exciting things will be coming within the WAHOO APP in the new year!

~ Coach Linda
   Head Coach, Palm Beach Masters