AquaCrest Pool closing - We are moving to Santaluces Aquatic Complex, Dec 1

IMPORTANT for our swimmers at the Aqua Crest Pool in Delray Beach,

We received news this morning that the pool heater at the Aqua Crest Pool could not be repaired and needs to be replaced. The time line for replacement, even under the most favorable circumstances, could be a few months.

Meanwhile, we have secured the Santaluces Pool in Lantana as an alternative site for us to continue our masters swimming workouts until the heater at Aqua Crest is replaced. Santaluces has 8 lanes and is heated/chilled. Our schedules shall remain the same and the facility will be ready for practices starting Wednesday, 12/1/2021.  

The pool address is:
Santaluces Aquatic Complex
   6750 Lawrence Road,
   Lantana, FL 33462

The Aqua Crest Pool will be open tomorrow, November 30th for our workouts.  The water is a chilly 73-76 degrees. It's invigorating!  Come mentally prepared or wear a wetsuit or cancel your Tuesday reservation.  Then, Aqua Crest will be shut down as of Dec 1.

Palm Beach Masters workouts will be relocated to the Santaluce Aquatic Complex as of Wednesday, December 1st.

We will keep the SAME workout times & days as we've had at Aqua Crest.  Nothing changes but the location.  Our Wahoo APP has been updated to reflect the new location and your resevations have been transferred.  

If you can't/dont plan to swim at Santaluces, please cancel your previous reservations on the APP for this week.  If you must quit swimming, please email me asap so that I can cancel your billing for December 1.  However, I hope you all will consider swimming with us at our new temporary location.

I apologize for this short notice but hope you appreciate the effort that has gone into securing a facility so quickly for us to continue swimming.  Santaluces was reopened in ONE day; pumps & heater turned ON; and it's just waiting for us to begin swimming there this Wednesday.  

The pool staff at Aqua Crest will move to Santaluces.  Santaluces will only be open to team workouts and not to the public.  Aqua Crest Pool will be closed until the heater can be replaced.

PBC is doing everything they can to expedite the purchase of the new heater at Aqua Crest. Thanks for your patience and understanding as we work through this.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

~ Linda Irish Bostic
Head Coach, Palm Beach Masters