Aqua Crest is REOPENING - Dec 13!!!

GREAT NEWS!!!  The AQUA CREST POOL is reopening Monday, Dec 13th!

Today I received the following email from Palm Beach County ...

We have decided to switch operations back over to Aqua Crest Pool starting Monday 12/13/2021. The Aqua Crest Pool temperature has been holding mid to high 70s while uncovered and the forecasted air temperatures look to remain similar for the rest of the month.  We are still working to get the heater up and running and should have updates next week. Meanwhile, we will continue to monitor the water temperature daily and will close the facility if it falls below 73 degrees. We will notify you if water temps are below 76 degrees so that you can modify or cancel your workouts as needed. I thank you for your patience and let me know if you have any concerns.

With the warmer air temperatures and the pool water temperature between 76-79 degrees ... Aqua Crest should be comfortable for lap swimming and well within the competitive swimming pool temperature recommendations.  It will be 2-5 degrees cooler than with the heater operating ... so for those of you sensitive to the colder water, please consider wearing a wetsuit, if you have.

Additionally, Palm Beach County is in the middle of repairs to the existing gas heater and is hoping to have it back up and running possibly as soon as the following week.

As always, please reserve your workouts in advance in the Wahoo APP.  And IF you paused your recurring billing for Palm Beach Masters, you will need to provide your credit card # to Paul, the pool manager, to get reinstated.

Thanks for everyone's patience & flexibility.  Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


~ Linda Irish Bostic
Head Coach, Palm Beach Masters
Palm Beach Masters